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Lista di BGM negli Anime

City Hunter

  • Nina by Tatsumi Yano: from the movie City Hunter Special - Love, destiny and a 357 MAGNUM.
  • City Hunter sadness piano.
  • City Hunter piano (untitled, unedited): this is the Makimura's song, which Kaori herself listen to when she's in blue, thinking about his dead brother. The title of the LP is "Day Dream" as shown in an episode of the Anime, but actually it is a remake of Bruce Hornsby's The way it is.

Orange Road

  • Futari de: the first time it's played in the very first episode, when Kyosuke say goodbye to Madoka in the park.
  • Kyosuke n1: this is the piano sonata that Madoka dedicates to Kyosuke. We found it in the second movie Ano Hi Ni Kaeritai.
  • Madoka saxophone (untitled?): Madoka often plays this melody (sax) afterschool.

Saint Seiya

  • Pegasus & Isabel (untitled, unedited): played when Isabel try to kiss Pegasus, fainted, during a moment of intimacy in the episode of the battle against the crow.

Stree Fighter II Victory

  • Ryu & Ken no Theme: this is the song of the Hadoo.
  • Dharma-daishi no densetsu: played whenever in a dramatic situation.
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