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Season 5 (1996-1997)

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March 26, 1996
May 18, 1997
After the events from last season, the story continues as Kouchu and the rest of the Crystal Brawler sailed to Farko region after their 10th birthday a few months later to collect all the medals and make another attempt to win the league. However, when the Brawlers have made the road to the Farko region, the Furious Five have followed them to the Farko region to catch their Crystal Balls. The polices have noticed that the Brawlers are in big trouble. In order to get the Furious Five, the Crystal Brawlers have gotten help from the polices from the Farko region. However, when the Crystal Brawlers have attempted to get back the Crystal Balls with the help of polices, a new Crystal Monster have jumped in on the action to save everyone. As the new Crystal Monster haven't revealed it's name or his or her name to the Crystal Brawlers, Kouchu is willing to do anything to catch it.
    • Kouchu, Shauna, and Sakuro enters the Farko region for a new adventure
  • ★ACTOR/AIRING NOTE: This is the first episode of the Crystal Jewels 3 Farko Arc saga, and this is the first episode where Kouchu is voiced by Aka Noashaka (Japanese), and Shauna Jones (English), and Sakuro is voiced by Reiko Suzuki (Japanese), and Charlotte Nelson (English).
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March 26, 1996
May 26, 1997
The Brawlers are continuing their beginning towards the Farko region, learning that the Crystal Monsters have unexpectedly saved them from the Furious Five. In Farko, Kouchu, Shauna, and Sakuro have met Professor Hayana (はやな). The Brawlers learns a new technique, battling Crystal Monsters with each other by aiding them, also learning to catch them with diamond balls. Hayana have also gaven Kouchu and the crew the diamond balls to catch Crystal Monsters with. As Kouchu have met Marcy again, he wanted to show off how strong Roaracryst was. Even though Roaracryst still wasn't strobg than Maruka was, Marcy wins against Kouchu again as an example of her Maruka being summoned. Kouchu have learned from his defeat that Marcy is more powerful than she have ever been. So Kouchu and his friends continues their journey in the Farko region, for the search for some new Crystal Monsters to seek about.
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March 26, 1996
May 29, 1997
The familiar Crystal Monster was following Kouchu and his friends just now. The Crystal Monster, which is called Mooselette (モーセレット Mōseretto) follows Kouchu and co. around when it feels lonely. When Mooselette have revealed that he have helped Kouchu and his friends defeat the Furious Five, the brawlers got suprised. So, Kouchu and the others cheers Mouselette up by letting him join them on their journey, however, Mouselette was left lonely when Mooselette was given all of the attention. Mooselette falls in the waterfall, only to nearly fall to his death from the cliff. Kouchu and Roaracryst have race to save it from the high cliff. And after saving it from the cliff, Kouchu and Mooselette became best friends for each other. However, the Furious Five got in the way, only to fail when Mooselette and Kouchu have blown off their ship with the air supplies.
  • +FIRST APPEARANCE:Mooselette
    • Kouchu have Mooselette on his team
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April 2, 1996
May 29, 1997
At the beginning of the episode, the Crystal Brawlers have heard screams coming across the forest, noticing that the young boy is in trouble. While the boy is in danger, Kouchu saves a boy from snakes after he plays with them. After, the brawlers are given devices called "CrystalDex" (クリスタルデックス Kurisutaru Dekkusu). So Kouchu saved him and the boy thanked him. So the brawlers were able to use their CrystalDex to search for Crystal Monsters. The CrystalDex is special to the brawlers also, so they could use it to detect any Crystal Monsters while they are traveling as Crystal Brawlers. However, when the Crystal Brawlers have to use the CrystalDexs to get the Crystal Monsters out of the polluted water, the CrystalDex have died instantly. However, the Brawlers are also able to charge the CrystalDex after it is used. After receiving the new CrystalDex, the Brawlers went on to contribute to Farko.
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April 9, 1996
May 31, 1997
The Brawlers are searching for the field where they could get the Farko Medal in. Kouchu have saw the Ice Field across the Borsen City (ボルセン市 Borusen Shitī). The Brawlers are challenged by Kabuto (カブト) for the medal that Kouchu was looking for. After Mooselette have taken down the Crystal Monsters around the field, Kouchu gets his first Farko medal when he learns that Crystal Monsters fight each other for it. When he steps in the field for the medal, he has to be tough about it, when the Ice Crystal Monsters of Stiabra (スティーブラ Sutībura) start to attack. Roaracryst and the other Crystal Monsters uses their powers and their transformations to get it, but no luck with that. He and Mooselette were able to take down the Crystal Monster, only when they are capable of becoming a team. Mooselette was against another Crystal Monsters. Mooselette and the Crystal Monsters have won for the medal.
    • Kouchu gets the first Farko Medal.
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April 16, 1996
June 2, 1997
Back in Jarbon, as Shari was wondering where the Brawlers are at, Kouchu have told Shari that they are in Farko, which is far away from Jarbon. Unable to see Kouchu about the CrystalDex, Shari has to wait long to reach to Farko when she missed the train. Her wait becomes difficult for her to handle. While still waiting, Shari have filed that her ride wasn't hear yet fearing being left behind by the Crystal Brawlers. So she have to find someone to help her on her way. Shari must find her way to get out of the situation. As the person who is driving to Farko, Shari have told him that she needed the ride to Farko. However, he have asked her for money, then she declines it. Hoping that the Brawlers are safe in the big Farko region, Shari must find a way to get through.
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April 23, 1996
June 4, 1997
When the Brawlers are training for another medal, Kouchu took a moment to sit down to think about the fight between Iccryst and Devil J, thinking that he doesn't need any more of the guidance to his own power. Kouchu went to his dream and asked Iccryst about the Silver Key, and he denies it. Iccryst have confessed to Kouchu that he doesn't need the Silver Key anymore. So Iccryst took the Silver Key away from Kouchu. Meanwhile, Shari is stuck in the middle of the road trying to get through the Farko region, which she isn't there by yet. While Kouchu is still in Farko, he tries to train his Crystal Monsters into getting the medal while having to drag Mooselette along with the group when he feels out of the training. Meanwhile, the Marukas tried to come up with the new inventions to get the Crystal Balls with.
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April 30, 1996
June 15, 1997
While the Crystal Brawlers are at it at their training, the Furious Five are at their own thing to get rid of the Brawlers' and to get the Crystal Balls with their new device. The Five built their own robot for evil plots, and used it to steal the Crystal Balls. They have been foiled afterwards when they have been stopped by the Crystal Brawlers. So the Crystal Brawlers must act fast to stop them before their machine is a success after all. So the Crystal Brawlers were able to stop them, too. Using their Crystal Monsters and their powers, as well. While the Furious Fivebot was beating up the Crystal Monsters with the powers, Mouselette and Mooselette sneaked up inside the robot to take out the mechanical parts, causing it to fall apart. The Furious Five have seen how strong Roaracryst was, and they have to retreat from them.
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May 7, 1996
June 20, 1997
Traveling to Farko, Kouchu and Dustin reunites when Dustin have crashed the car into the welcome wall to the Farko region again, and Dustin met his parents, where they have ran into him. It was revealed that Ms. Kiyara Withness (きらや Kiraya), and Mr. Kenny Withness (だしん Dashin) were his parents. Dustin's parents have welcomed him to their house, however, ocmnce Dustin have heard his parents fighting again from outside, they have the relationship problems that Dustin needs to fix. Dustin, with Kouchu's help, was able to help his parents with the issues of their relationship by discussing about how Dustin have been raised by them. After getting his parents back along together, his parents gave him a present to worship him. Dustin was happy with the present that he and Kouchu have. Kouchu went back and train with the other Crystal Brawlers.
  • +FIRST APPEARANCE: Dustin's mother Kiyara and father Kenny Withness
    • Dustin is reunited with his parents.
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May 14, 1996
June 22, 1997
Kouchu and his friends are looking for food to eat since they have already ran out to eat. The crew touched the tomb that sends them to the rainforest. The crew have been lost to the rainforest. Suddenly, the Brawlers are looking for some directions to the food area, however, the giant jaguar have gotten on their way towards the fruits. The Brawlers tried to go pass the jaguar to get through to the food area. After being attacked by a jaguar, the crew found their way out by a waterfall. As the Brawlers are washed up by the waterfall, the jaguar follows them. The crew must surpass the jaguar when they have ran out of options to run away. Mooselette attempted to fight the jaguar, with his special move called "screamer", to scare it away, and When the jaguar have ran away thanks to Mooselette, the Crystal Brawlers exited it safetly.
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May 21, 1996
June 22, 1997
When Shari is looking for a place where she can get to the Farko Region to get Kouchu and his friends, Shari got off track from the ship again when she is late for the board, and she didn't even know that the board was already ready for her ride. Kouchu have been worried about her and hopes that she makes it here. So Shari has to find a way to get to the Farko region, but instead, her attempts failed. So she has to wait for the next ship to come to pick her up for the Farko region. Meanwhile, the Crystal Brawlers are in the big city looking for the tournament to sign up for. However, the tournament is requiring the Brawlers to pay for it, so the Brawlers have made up their mind and they have left the tower. The Crystal Brawlers have continued their training in Farko.
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May 28, 1996
June 26, 1997
Meanwhile while the Brawlers Kouchu and his friends are chilling inFarko, the Marukas have sneaked away from Marcy again to get into their evil schemes again. The Marukas turned perfume into poison gas with Hunter Grai's orders as he sail to the Farko region with them. The Marukas have also have an ability to move their lair to another region in the Farko region. Hunter Grai have followed them along. The Marukas continued to spread poison gas around the placez as the Brawlers steps in to stop their plans. The brawlers fixed the problems using the technique that they have learned similar to what the Professor of Farko have said to them. The brawlers ended up foiling the Maruka's plans in order to go save everyone in the Farko region. Then, everyone have been recovered thanks to the brawlers, as they have reward them with money, and the Brawlers continue their adventures.
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June 4, 1996
June 27, 1997
When the Brawlers have walked around another path to another city, the familiar woman who told the Brawlers that she is liked them, wanted to show Roaracryst the new move. Roaracryst learned a new move ShuriBlast when the new insect expert Robin Moodins (カイズミ Kaizumi) have been influenced by Roaracryst's abilities. As the Brawlers have walked away to train with Roaracryst's new attacks, Robin begins to follow them wherever they go, and the Brawlers didn't need her around in their quest. Roaracryst wanted Robin to go away from the group, however, Roaracryst finds her too odd and tries to avoid her. While she chases Roaracryst, he begins to attack and runs away from her. Roaracryst have suspected Robin Moodins to be a strange person who tries to change him into a mess that have destroyed the homes of the wild Crystal Monsters who lived there. The Brawlers continue their quest.
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June 11, 1996
June 27, 1997
The Furious Five have failed their first plan, however, they have came up with the new plan to get rid of the Brawlers' once with the robot version of Mooselette. As the Furious Five have stole Mooselette from the Crystal Monsters, the Furious Five have also invented the robot version of him. The Five replaces Mooselette with a robot version of himself, to make Kouchu hand in the Crystal Balls. But it broke, and the Brawlers have see that the Mooselette was kidnapped by the Furious Five, so they went over there to get back at them. As the Robot Mooselette starts to attack the Crystal Monsters, it malfunction quickly, and Roaracryst destroys it and found the real Mooselette in the Furious Five tower. The real Mooselette was destroying the Robot Mooselette and the brawlers saved it. As the Brawlers have found the real Mooselette from the the Furious Five, they went off.
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June 18, 1996
July 6, 1997
As the Crystal Brawlers are returning from the Furious Five's mess from the Robot Mooselette, the Brawlers decided to go to sleep because it is late at night. As the Brawlers have tucked themselves to sleep, the sun turned black from morning. The Brawlers have noticed the problem with the sky above they wanted to find the astronaut to fix the sun's problem. With the help of the astronaut Hayers (ハヤス Hayasu), who have decided to help them after his years of trying to explore the parts of the moon, Kouchu and his friends try to fix the problem by getting back the sun. When the brawlers went to the space with astronaut Hayers, they have encountered the problem that the space Crystal Monsters are the ones blocking the sun from the world. The brawlers were able to fix the problem where they have moved the Space Crystal Monsters and moved them along gravity.
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June 25, 1996
July 11, 1997
As the Brawlers are looking for the certain location for the medal, Kouchu and his friends have stumble upon the big castle. The brawlers visits the Kingdom of MTJ (MTJ王国 MTJ Ookoku), in the nearby town, to learn about the history in the medieval times in the Crystal Worls. However, the evil king aims to blow the Kingdom up with the missile in order to get the Crystal Balls requested by Hunter Grai. The brawlers must find a way to solve the problem by reasoning with the evil king. As the evil king have heard about what the Brawlers said, he have suddenly ignored them and blew up the tower. When the evil King have blown the castle up with the powers, he was prisioned by the polices. The Brawlers have resumed to their adventures in the Farko region after they were thanked by the people of the tall kingdom.
  • ★AIRING NOTE:This episode was temporarily banned after 9/11 because of it's references. It was later broadcasted again on TeenAnimeCable.
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July 2, 1996
July 13, 1997
In the episode, Dustin's father akenny have asked Dustin to get some groceries from the CrystalMart. As Dustin is trying to drive to the CrystalMart, he have crashed in the CrystalMart call. However, Dustin breaks and damages his dad's car in a big accident. Without getting in trouble, he must find a way to fix it back together. Kouchu, Shauna, and Sakuro have went by to see Dustin's car was damaged. With his brawler's help, he must get his car to be fix with Mouselette and Plantmore's both of their powers. But before he does, his dad appears and Dustin tries to hide it. When his dad notices that the car is damaged, he would protect his car away from Dustin. Dustin was concerned about this, and have blamed Kouchu for his broken car. The Brawlers have continued in the Farko region with Dustin upset.
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July 9, 1996
July 20, 1997
When the brawlers enter the path towards another town, The pigs appear in their way, and they cannot let the brawlers pass to Alaza Town (Asaki Town,あさき町 Asaki Machi) . So the Crystal Monsters dress up as them in order to pass, and the pigs only brought in the Crystal Monsters, instead of the Brawlers. The Brawlers were thinking that they are using the Crystal Monsters to keep the humans away from their sight, but how will the brawlers get in? By the help of Marukas, of course. With the Crystal Monsters and the Marukas dressing as pigs anyway, they worked on their plans to get the pigs to let them enter. The pigs were blown away with the Marukas caught in Plantmore's wind, and the brawlers already got their way to the right track of Alaza Town. However, meanwhile, the Marukas are plotting something...
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July 16, 1996
July 23, 1997
As there is more Marukas thanks to the machine that they have reinvented, there is more that is brought to Marcy. Thanks to the Marukas and their inventions to create more of the Marukas, Marcy's numbers of her Marukas causes more success. When she have reached over 65, her machine causes a glitch because it has been overloaded by the number of the Marukas generated by the Machine. The new generated Marukas have started to attack Marcy Kimensho, and they have been evil to Marcy. The evil Marukas then attacks Marcy, and must find a way to save herself from the evil Marukas. Marcy have an idea that in order to erase all of the Marukas' clones, she have to destroy the whole machine first in order for that to work. When the machine got destroyed, the Maruka clones have dissapeared into the wind, and Marcy is left with 65.
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July 23, 1996
August 2, 1997
The Brawlers have head over to the fitness gym to get fit because they are lacking exercise during their road to the next medal. However, they have saw that the fitness center was already destroyed. The fitness center was taken over by Five, and the brawlers volunteer to get Yenkin's (エヌカン Enukan) job back, after he was blamed by the boss for trashing the whole fitness center. As the Brawlers have met the Furious Five, they were planning to take them out so that they will leave the fitness center alone. So the brawlers saved the fitness gym by taking out the Five with the Crystal Monsters, where Mooselette have drove them away. When Yenkin have thanked the Crystal Brawlers for saving his fitness program, he have rewarded him a free week of the fitness gym to them, so the brawlers were able to exercise, with their Crystal Monsters.
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July 30, 1996
August 4, 1997
Meanwhile, while the Crystal Brawlers are adjustibg life in the Farko region, the Furious Five is also doing so as well. Kathern have found a green candy on top of the mountain during hiking, in which he believes that if he ate it, he would be the first person on top of the famous mountain. Kathern swallows a greenish candy piece , which turns the body of his skin green, he thinks that he is sick and he called in for the hospital. He is sent to the hospital and dreams of the three ghosts who surrounds him. Kathern then wakes up and he has been brainwashed by the ghost that there is good in every soul, so Kathern believe he is a good guy. The Furious Five tries to get his memories back, thinking that he is in a coma. Meanwhile, Kathern have learned his mistakes from the past.
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August 6, 1996
August 15, 1997
While looking for the second medal, the Brawlers went over to Macross Flower City (ペタルタウン Petarutaun, "Petaltown"), where the big garden is located at. As Kouchu tries to send out Tencoat, he have launched Kouchu at the flower garden. Kouchu disrupt the flower garden and ends up with the apology to Blooma (ザチカ Zachika) of caring for the plants. Within that process, as he is trying to take care of the plants in the garden, Kouchu have left and someone have ruined his work. Kouchu have failed to take care of the plants, and ended up discovering that the Maruka clones were all behind this. The Brawlers have shoo the Marukas clones away from the garden, and revives all the flowers using Plantmore. After getting the medal for saving the flowers' life, Elliott gave Kouchu the flower afterwards as a reward, too, as showing of how romantic he is towards him.

♥ ROMANCE: Elliott gave Kouchu a flower because of how much he loved him. It has been revealed that Kouchu loves the flower that Elliott gave him.

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August 13, 1996
August 24, 1997
As the Brawlers are walking by looking for Crystal Monsters to add to their team, Kouchu have been trapped by one, who is planning to prank him in any way. Kouchu is Flamene's (フラメン Furamen) victim of its plots when Flamene have set traps for him to step on for fun. Kouchu got dissapointed and Flamene have told him about the mistake. Flamene have told Kouchu that he is trapping a Crystal Monster to hunt for food. Then, as Flamene was running away from Kouchu, he have fell on it's own trap, begging for help from the Crystal Brawlers as the bear is going to attack it. When the Crystal Monster have been trapped in the big log, Kouchu attempts to save it in order to gain it's respect. Flamene have accepted Kouchu's apology and they have became friends in the end. Flamene have also joined Kouchu's group.
    • Flamene joins Kouchu
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August 20, 1996
September 5, 1997
As the Brawlers are training for the other medals, Roaracryst wants to learn other moves when he becomes jealous when other spider Crystal Monsters take a stand, like Shurikencryst and the hot Crystal Brawler that have caught Shauna's eye. Therefore, he have convinced Kouchu to take him to the program in order to get himself more motivated during the battle. Then, when Kouchu have agreed about the idea that Roaracryst is having, he takes a spider class, which may seem difficult. In spider class, he have learned a new move, called Shuriken Thunder, and decided to use it, too. However, he is warned about using the move. He didn't listen, and Kouchu sends Roaracryst to Doctor Jax to heal the Crystal Monster.
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August 27, 1996
September 6, 1997
Meanwhile, after the brawlers have surpassed for the medal, Crystal Monsters are controlled by remote thanks to the Maruka's invention, invented by the Marukas because they are criticized by Hunter Grai for not doing good enough. The Crystal Monsters have attacked the Crystal Brawlers at the Marukas' orders. The Brawlers tried to calm it down, but there isn't no luck at all; the other Crystal Brawlers ventures to get them back to normal, so they went to the Maruka's quaters to rescue the Crystal Monsters that are under the Marukas' control and are sent to attack.
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September 3, 1996
September 8, 1997
As the Crystal Brawlers have passed by the field, there is another path to evil. A young villian creates the town's problems. As the Brawlers are asked by the police if they have seen the familiar bad guy somewhere, the Brawlers think that there are things that are going on around the Farko region. The Farko Region's new antagonist of this episode, Darl (ダール Daaru), a delinquent, have plot to get his revenge on the Crystal Brawlers with gadgets. So the brawlers have to save everyone from the little beast and they have fought him, too.
    • The Brawlers have met Darl for the first time
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September 10, 1996
September 15, 1997
The Brawlers are looking for some sparring with some other Crystal Brawlers at Sand Town. However, without luck of a competition, the Brawlers are bored and they have left the town. As the brawlers are exiting the Sand Town, they saw that the sandstorms surrounds the path in front of the Crystal Brawlers and ended up splitting up. The brawlers must get help from the Crystal Monsters. The Crystal Brawlers and the Crystal Monsters have survived the sandstorm when they are there for each other, even when the Crystal Monsters are able to use their powers in order to tell them where they are. Finally, everyone is safe and sound outside the sandstorm, and made it to another city.
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September 17, 1996
September 15, 1997
As Kouchu was looking around the Farko region for something to do, Kouchu was given his robot, Kouchubot (コウチュボット Kouchubotto) made by the scientist Mr.Arnold (カシュギ Kashugi) when he have entered the city around for it. However, whenever Kouchu have told Kouchubot to do something, Kouchubot disobeys Kouchu by hurting everyone and saying mean things to people. For an example, when Elliott have asked Kouchu to go alone with him, Kouchubot have injured him, and he is sent to the hospital. Kouchu was dissapointed at Kouchubot, until he gets respect from saving him from being hit by the Furious Five car. So the Kouchubot chases the Furious Five, and the two became friends.
    • Kouchubot is born by Mr.Arnold
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September 24, 1996
September 22, 1997
As the Brawlers are traveling for shelter during nighttime, they have decided to go sleep outside during the breeze night. When Kouchu is asleep, he have remembered that he is still dreaming that he is in Marc's place from the previous episodes. Iccryst called up Kouchu on his slumber. Iccryst reveals in the myth that he can turn human. When he turns human, he comes to the Crystal World to meet the brawlers. Everyone have scolded the myth is untrue and blames the brawlers. Kouchu have brought Iccryst around the region to prove them wrong by presenting Iccryst's powers to them.
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October 1, 1996
September 23, 1997
As Kouchu was chosen to come up to test his skills against the cool Crystal Brawler, he got beaten up by him because he have the stronger energy level than Kouchu. As he cannot proceed to get another medal for himself, Kouchu could not get as many medals as he can without any help from his Crystal Monsters. Therefore, after a few attempts he manage to get another. With help, of course. The Crystal Monsters have tried their best with their training so they could help Kouchu get all the medals he needed. Meanwhile, the training can get complicated.
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October 8, 1996
September 28, 1997
The Brawlers have heard about the flying race, and Kouchu wanted to test Tencoat to the new skill. Tencoat have agreed to Kouchu about winning the race with the other Cryral Monsters. However, Tencoat Ave not been speeding up enough to keep up with the other Crystal Monsters. After losing the flying race, Tencoat begins to worry about his strength when he thinks he is one of the weakest Crystal Monsters in Kouchu's team. However, to cheer him up, Kouchu takes Tencoat to flight school. Tencoat, now experienced, learns how to fly in a distant speed, and finally wins the race.
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October 15, 1996
October 3, 1997
The Brawlers have heard about the Color cup and each of them wanted to fight for the grand prize. However, they both compare each other because there should be one of the best to become the champion of the Color Cup. In the games that they are entering for the cup, Kouchu and his friends competes against each other who will challenge the Color cup. Kouchu competes against each other in games, and were all tied every round. However, the champion of the Color Cup breaks it down, and takes her chance to win the color cup. The brawlers seems upset, too.
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October 22, 1996
October 5, 1997
The storm have spread throughout the Farko region. As Kouchu is surviving throughout the intensity of the storm, he have sent the rest of the crew to the safest shelter where the storm won't hit. Iccryst's statue is broken after the storm, and to bring all the pieces back, the brawlers must find them in seperate places. One of the pieces are somewhere, and the others are on the other side of Farko, including caves and forests. The brawlers fixed the statue and got rewarded so much money, in which in the end Dustin steals some to get the car to crash the wall again.
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October 29, 1996
October 7, 1997
When the chaos have happened in the city, Doctor Jax is having issues with the Crystal Monster patient. Doctor Jen is fired after the accident, where he have killed the patient's Crystal Monster with the electrifier. Doctor Jen was accused of murder, when he have accidentally killed the Crystal Monster, so the brawlers try to cover for him within the hired lawsuit. After managing a difficult time at work, they decided to get him back when Doctor Jax have finally cured the Crystal Monster out of the deadly disease in the body. Doctor Jax have thanked the Brawlers afterwards and left for his days back.
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November 5, 1996
October 12, 1997
As the Brawlers are concerned about Mooselette's behavior, thinking that he wanted to hurt Kouchu, Kouchu went to the daycare to put Mooselette in with the daycare lady. ouchu left Mooselette with the children in the daycare, and must search for him before he does anything dangerous to the children. The children tells Mooselette to do something dangerous already, but he refuses, and make him breathe fire. So the brawlers try to save the children from the fire. As they put out the fire with a giant fire distinguisher, in which Sakuro have found, the daycare lady was impressed about this.
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November 12, 1996
October 15, 1997
The Furious Five has seen all of the other inventions that the Marukas have made to get the Crystal Balls with, so the Furious Five has to compete with them. After learning that there might be a chance that the Marukas would be successful, Five engineers their robot to a next level to defeat the brawlers with, but theur plan backfires when the Marukas shows off their robots. So the Furious Five ended up competing with the Marukas who gets the better robot to show it to the Furious Five in order for their plan to be successful. However, their robots are destroyed instead.
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November 19, 1996
October 17, 1997
The brawlers went to Psychic City (サイキックシティ) to meet the genie to tell them about the future. As the genie is having trouble with telling fortunes within her mind, the Brawlers have offered to get her powers in set. And the genie wants to experience more mind-reading when her psychic abilities aren't functioning enough, but with the brawler's help, they are able to get back the Crystal Balls for the genie, so she could perform her psychic abilities better. As the genie was still able to get the powers working, with Plantmore and Mouselette working on the inventions of the machine.
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November 26, 1996
October 23, 1997
The Brawlers went back to see if the tournament is still required to go to when it was supposed to be free. When the brawlers have registered for the Farko Tournament, the tournament members are required to pay a million pearls. Kouchu and his friends fight against the company to make the sale cheaper, within the protest of the other poor Crystal Brawlers who have also wanted to go compete in the tournament for the free. So the tournament isn't payed for, and the brawlers were now allowed to register for the tournament whenever they want, thanks to the strongest protest.
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December 3, 1996
October 24, 1997
When the brawlers wander around the large town, which is the very strict area where no children are allowed to travel around unsupervised, the police came in front of them and mistaken them as orphans, even though the Crystal Brawlers have told the polices that they aren't orphans. The brawlers gets their false bodyguard after they are mistaken when they are given a "child protector" Tommy (サカキ Sakaki), in order to keep the children off of the unsupervision; the brawlers chases him off afterwards after he is aggressive towards them with the Crystal Monsters on their side of their protections.
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December 10, 1996
November 16, 1997
As the Brawlers are heading past the city where they have gotten rid of Tim, something else hat they have to take care of just got in the way. The flag gets ruined by the company, and the Crystal Brawlers of Farko, under Dustin's law, shall get it back up again and went against the company to fix the problem that everyone is facing against the company of the CrystalDex. The flag was saved by the brawlers when the flag is proof to be a right symbol for the Farko region according to the government. The government have restated the laws.
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December 17, 1996
November 21, 1997
When the members of the Furious Five are working on a big experiment z they have loaded the toxic waste on their project without knowing what is going to happen to them. The Furious Five has accidentally created a powerful source that Hunter Grai can access so that he could make some modifications about the powers that he is working on. When he ended up putting it inside of him, Hunter Grai experience powers thanks to the Furious Five. After that, Hunter Grai begins to give Furious Five powers, however, he takes it away when they fight over a strongest attack.
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December 24, 1996
November 24, 1997
Because that Tencoat is strong than the other contestants, Kouchu determined to win the flying race with Tencoat so that he could stand up to the adult bullies that have teased him for being too young to compete in the flying race with Tencoat. Tencoat must be proofed to get flight helpers when it has flying disability from the race. When he have broken his wings and is unable to fly, Tencoat have cheated during the second race, with the judge unaware. Kouchu have been concerned about this, however, he knew that Tencoat have did the right thing to others.
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December 31, 1996
December 19, 1997
As the Brawlers are participating in the games recommended by the judge of Tencoat's flight race, the games have merge into the tables. The games turned into one tournament to challenge the people of Farko to test their luck. Kouchu and his friends compete in the big games, and within the last round stands Kouchu and Sakuro. Kouchu competes against Sakuro during the last round, and Kouchu is considered the champion afterwards. To celebrate victory, he gets a big meal, in which he have shared with the Crystal Monsters and the Crystal Brawlers. The Brawlers have went on with the journey.
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January 7, 1997
December 19, 1997
As Kouchu and his friends are securing the Crystal Balls from the Furious Five, Kouchu and his friends are captured by the Furious Five after falling on one of their traps set up in the forest. Their attempts to escape will not work against the Furious Five, even using the powers of Plantmore and Mouselette, however, they decided to use their Crystal Monsters to defeat them and Roaracryst and the Crystal Monsters' transformations, so they have saved themselves from the terror of the Five. After defeating the Furious Five again, the Brawlers have rushed to the other town to get the medal.
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January 14, 1997
December 21, 1997
As the Crystal Brawlers are traveling around the Farko region, Darl has a new invention that was stolen from Shari's lab. He broke it on purpose to anger the Crystal Brawlers, and all the humans and Crystal Monsters switched lives with one another and the brawlers, with their body switched, try to fix the problems by facing Darl. So the brawlers in the different bodies around the Farko region and everybody got their lives back and defeated Darl using the Crystal Monsters. Everyone got back to normal once Kouchu and his friends have everyone to each other back.
  • ★ACTOR NOTE:This is the last episode where Klarika Shorack voices Shauna in the English dub.
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January 21, 1997
January 8, 1998
As the Brawlers are searching for another location to get the medal for the Farko Tournament, there are bats that have been surrounding them ever since they have entered there. The cave is full of poisonous bats on the brawler's way to another city, so the brawlers must fight them out of their way. the poisonous bats have escaped when the brawlers attempts to fight them off from the cave, and the bats have retreated out of the cave, scared.The bats have let go of the Crystal Brawlers, promising them that they are freed to go whenever they want. As the Crystal Brawlers went out on the road again, they have encountered something unexpectedly...
  • ★ACTOR NOTE:This is the first episode where Eve Judge voices Shauna in the English version.
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January 28, 1997
January 30, 1998
The Crystal Brawlers stumbled upon Marukas' band, and have understood that the Marukas are up to bad. Marukas create their own theme songs to get a lot of money in order to get the Crystal Balls for Hunter Grai, using the audience as their weapon against the Crystal Brawlers to get them kicked out of the band; the brawlers have an idea to fight fire with fire by creating their own song, to compete against the Marukas, they all entered the singing karaoke competition. However, neither of them have ever won it, and the prize have been burnt on fire.
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February 4, 1997
February 1, 1998
When the Brawlers have guess who is the strongest Crystal Monster in the group, they have found out that Tencoat is the only one that hasn't transformed into a super form yet. As the Crystal Monsters begins to make fun of him for being the weaker Crystal Monster, Tencoat finally loses its temper after getting teased at the Crystal Monsters. So, Tencoat begins to fight the Crystal Monsters, and Kouchu calms Tencoat down with a punishment. So Kouchu was worried, so he ended up sending Tencoat to Peace Club in order to cure him from his raging stress. As Tencoat uses powers to save people, he was able to transform into Super Tencoat to take out Darl.
  • ‡CHARACTER NOTE:Tencoat transforms into Super Tencoat.
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February 11, 1997
February 1, 1998
Marcy and the Marukas have rebuilt the different version of their clones, and this time it has been a success until the cloning machine have died again. Therefore, the Marukas formed a army after they have reached 100, using the newly-formed cloning machine. As the Marukas and the others have marches to the Brawlers, Kouchu have surprised them with the Kouchubot, in which they took him on. However, the army is not enough to make crisis out of the brawlers when Kouchubot is activated against them. So the brawlers ended up saving the Kouchubot from the Marukas in order to save the life.
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February 18, 1997
February 13, 1998
A samurai Raida's story as a Crystal Brawler from million years ago when it revealed that the half of the Farko region will be destroyed in his legend; The Brawlers have visited the legend house to learn the history of Raida. However, at night, the legend is true once the ghost arrives. Genuan and Kathern sneaks up to awaken him, so when Raida killed the spirit, it was revealed that Raida was a dead Master Champion before anyone else has been. Roaracryst have saw this and Raida have befriended Roaracryst before his spirit as a ghost has been faded away.
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February 25, 1997
February 27, 1998
The Brawlers are at the campsite in the forest. However, as they are looking for the fruits, the Crystal Brawlers are being attacked by the Crystal Monsters. The brawlers are being attacked by the wild animals, and Sakuro have slipped down the rocks. Sakuro drowns and befriends a wild human girl Tarxa (タルスカ Tarusuka), in which he views her as beautiful. Fell in love with her, Tarxa helps him find Kouchu and Shauna to make sure he is okay. Meanwhile, Shauna and Kouchu are looking everywhere for Sakuro. After Tarxa saved Sakuro and brought him back to Kouchu and Shauna, Tarxa kisses Sakuro.
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March 4, 1997
March 12, 1998
Today is Iccryst's birthday, when he is a million years old by the time he created the Crystal World, and there is the celebration to the world by everyone. However, the party is ruined by the Five when they have the new cheating technique, the Crystal Ball duplicator. As Julia thinks from Kathern's idea that would be terrific to destroy the world with, the machine begins to malfunction from too much of the Crystal Balls generated. However, turns out the duplicated Crystal Balls wore off too quick, so Grai have suspended them for 24 hours for making the Balls look fake.
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March 11, 1997
March 15, 1998
The storm trashes the city in Farko, and the brawlers, Dustin and his family tries to protect themselves from a storm in Dustin's house. However, the house seems to be cracking apart due to the strength of the storm. With the Crystal Monsters' help, he helps Dustin prevent the dangerous storm, however, the storm is too strong for Roaracryst to handle, and with no way to protect it, the brawlers must find help. As Roaracryst have entered the aura stage, he is controlled by Iccryst to blow the storm away from the Farko Region, along with Ninecoat, Plantmore, and Mouselette.
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March 18, 1997
March 19, 1998
As the Brawlers are walking towards the next town, Kouchu and his friends encounters an Ancient Castle, the home of the king from the million years ago during the war between Iccryst and Devil J. However, they have been knocked down by The guards of the tower, and then, the guards have accused them for invading their territory. So the brawlers have to reason with the king and told them about their mistake in order to be safe with what they are surrounded with. As the army have attacked the Brawlers thinking that they are terrorists of the kingdom, the Brawlers ran away.
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March 25, 1997
April 1, 1998
Kouchu and the other Crystal Monsters are looking for other places in Farko to explore. When Kouchu and the others have entered the ancient pyramid to search for the money, the mission seems to be the complicated, when the mummies arrives to attack, of course. The mummy attacks the brawlers upon the guards' request to prevent him from the pyramid where he lives. In order to scare it off, the brawlers must find the weakness to the mummies. The Brawlers have used the large amount of sunlight to scare the mummies out of the pyramid, and they have found the extra Crystal Ball.
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April 1, 1997
April 2, 1998
Kouchu and co made their own video game in the DeltaGames company, and the Brawlers' games have became the success, calling it "RoaraBeam Warriors" (ロアラビーム・ウォリアーズ Roarabīmu Uoriāsu). When it became a popular hit by the other Crystal Brawlers who have played it, Kouchu called himself Master of Video Games. However, they have been sucked into their own video game, and must fight the monsters. When the brawlers realized that the monsters are too strong for them, the Crystal Monsters must break into their Super forms inorder to defeat the evil monsters of the world. They are sucked back to reality.
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April 8, 1997
April 3, 1998
As Hunter Grai was wondering what he should do when the Crystal Balls are gathered again, he have puttsd in some experiment to create another chaos. And then, as Hunter Grai calls out for Devil J, darkness forces Devil J from Grai's potential when he realized that Devil J have more potential power from his last fight. When Hunter Grai realized that Devil J would have more powers if there were more Crystal Balls, he would be able to take over the world easily, but no thanks to the Furious Five, either when the Furious Five have dropped them in the ocean.
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April 15, 1997
April 7, 1998
Kouchu, Shauna, Sakuro, and the other Crystal Monsters are seeing that the town supply was destroyed, as they have attempted to fix it with their powers. When the brawlers have noticed that most of the town supply was destroyed, Garem returns to the heroes quest to reunite them by helping them fix the people's problems. When Garem figures out that the brawlers are in trouble when they are captured by the Marukas, Garem here has to save them. He have beaten up the Marukas, disabling the cell, so that the Brawlers are able to shoo them away from the town supply.
299}} Template:EpisodeTitle
April 22, 1997
April 13, 1998
Out of the Marukas' orders in order to get rich, they dared Marcy to be a cat in order to get their hands on the Crystal Balls. Marcy pretends to be an cat of the neighbour's to get their Crystal ball collection full of Crystal Balls using Shari's invention that she have stolen previously. However, her plan backfires when the neighbors discovered Marcy's plan, as they have ripped off her costume by accident, she gets kicked out, but sends the Marukas in to do the action for her to appreciate them. The Marukas also got kicked out of the act.
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April 29, 1997
April 18, 1998
Marcy leaves Marukas in charge after the accident so that she could go to the "Crystal-Monster-Free" meeting. Also, she have told the Marukas that they aren't allowed to take on the Crystal Monsters and they should keep the place clean. The Marukas were impatient that they wanted to take on the Brawlers with their new inventions. The Marukas disobeys Marcy to attack the brawlers for the Crystal Ball. When the Marukas are scolded by Marcy for not listening to her, the Marukas tried to explain what they are up to, but Marcy have disbelieved them and "grounds" them in the room.
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