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A list of [[Ah my goddess character list|Ah My Goddess Characters]] A list of [[Ah my goddess character list|Ah My Goddess Characters]]
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Ah! Megami-sama is a manga, movie, OVA and 2 different series. It was written by Kosuke Fujishima.

The OVA ran for only 5 episodes, starting in February of 1993 and finished in May of 1994. It was directed by Hiroaki Gohda and produced by AIC.

The manga has more than 34 volumes. It was first published in August of 1988 and is still continuing today. It was published in Japan by Kondansha and in America by Dark Horse Comics.

The two TV series were the Adventures of Mini-Goddess (and did not include Morisato Keiichi) which ran for 48 episodes, and the TV series which ran for 2 seasons and a total of 49 episodes so far (It is still being aired). The Adventures of Mini-Goddess TV series ran from April 1998 to March 1999, and the new TV series started January of 2005. The Adventures of Mini-Goddess was done by Oriental Light and Magic, and played on the WOWOW network in Japan. The new TV series is done by the studio AIC (which also released the OVA and movie) and is running on TBS in Japan.

Belldandy, Morisato Keiichi, Skuld, and Urd
Belldandy, Morisato Keiichi, Skuld, and Urd

The Movie was released October of 2000 and ran about 105 minutes. The studio AIC produced it.



The ova was released on 2/2/93 and lasted until 5/17/94. It was 5 episodes in length and chronicled the story of Morisato Keiichi and Belldandy. The total running time for all the episodes was 153 minutes.

Episode Summary

Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms

The story starts with Morisato Keiichi sitting alone in the Mens Dorm at Nekomi Tech. He has to sit there while the other guys are out and take messages for them. He realizes that he's hungry and decides to order takeout. He begins to make phone calls to restaurants but they are either closed or don't deliver that early. He dials numbers frantically and reaches the Goddess helpline. A voice tells him that she will be right there for a consultation. Keiichi tries to explain his errorbut as he's trying to get an answer he hears a voice behind him. Keiichi turns around to find himself face to face with Belldandy, who is coming out of the mirror. She introduces herself as a goddess, and tells Keiichi that she helps people in distress. Keiichi replies that he wasn't in distress he was only trying to order takeout. Belldandy explains that she can grant him one wish, Keiichi believes this to be a trick from his sempai, because he can't get a girlfriend. As if reading his thoughts Belldandy asks him why he doesn't have a girlfriend. Keiichi explains that he's short, but Belldandy doesn't understand. He then wishes for Belldandy to stay with him forever. In a giant flash Belldandy tells himt hat his wish has been approved and that she will stay with him.

Keiichi panics, because this is a Mens dorm, and women arn't allowed, but Belldandy assures him that it will be alright because once a contract is made the Ultimate Force beings to work. Just then the men who live in the dorm come home and find Keiichi with Belldandy, and they throw them out. The two of them set off to find a new place to live, but all of Keiichi's friends turn them away. Sitting in a park Keiichi asks Belldandy why she came to him, there have to be a lot of people who want their wishes fulfilled. Belldandy explains that not everyone can have their wishes fulfilled, they have to have certain qualifications and pass an assessment. He also asks if a contract can be broken, and if she would leave him. Belldandy answers that she doesn't know, but as long as he needs her she will stay. She then gets up and starts giving Keiichi directions on where to go. As they are speeding around a bend they almost collide with a car, Belldandy uses her powers to save them. With her last breath she gives Keiichi directions to a temple and passes out.

Keiichi carries Belldandy inside and covers her with a blanket and then passes out himself Belldandy wakes up and finds Keiichi laying on the floor next to her with a fever. She uses her powers to heal him and covers him with a blanket. She heads outside and uses her magic to return the temple to the way it once was. Keiichi wakes up and Belldandy lets him know that she has received permission for them to use the temple, and they head out to buy supplies. When they return Keiichi realizes that he won't get anymore money for a week, but Belldandy assures him that good news is coming. Belldandy goes to make tea, Keiichi rises to help her but he trips and falls ontop of her. There is a sudden knock on the door as Keiichi's sister Morisato Megumi walks in on them.

Megumi tells Keiichi that she will be attending school and needs a place to stay while she finds an apartment. She decides she will stay with them and gives Keiichi about $400 as living expenses. Then all the men from his dorm show up, including his sempai, Toraichi Tamiya, and his assistant, Otaki Aoyama. Tamiya roughs Keiichi up, chastising him for having 2 girls, but Keiichi explains that Megumi is his sister. Megumi tells them that she will be attending Nekomi Tech in the spring, and Aoyama decides to celebrate Keiichi's moving in and Megumi's attending college.
Keiichi and Belldandy's First Kiss
Keiichi and Belldandy's First Kiss

Midsummer Night's Dream

Its been 5 months since Belldandy showed up and everything is wonderful. Megumi comes over for dinner and asks Keiichi what he's doing for the summer vacation, she recommends that they take a trip to the ocean (even though Keiichi can't swim). Megumi also hands Keiichi a package that just came.

The three of them discuss the ocean and Belldandy mentions that she'd love to go. They clean up, Megumi heads home and Belldandy goes shopping. Keiichi opens his package and finds a risque video inside, believing it to be from Tamiya he watches it while everyone is out. As he is watching, pressed against the TV, a footcomes out of TV and kicks Keiichi across the room, Urd them emerges from the TV. Urd tells Keiichi that he needs to make a move on Belldandy. Urd leans in very close and is very flirtatious, this makes Keiichi very nervous. Just then Belldandy comes home and Urd makes her sudden departure telling Keiichi not to tell her younger sister that she was there.

Belldandy and Keiichi head to the ocean for a vacation, while sitting on the beach waiting for Belldandy to come, Keiichi feels hands cover his eyes and a voice say "guess whooo". He is petrified when he turns around to see Urd behind him. Urd gives him a bottle of sunscreen to use on Belldandy to make her all "mellow-mellow", again Urd disappears quickly before Belldandy knows she's around. Keiichi attempts to put the lotion on Belldandy when he is startled from behindby a girl, Mishima Sayoko. Aoshima reaches out and tries to take Belldandy on the boat with them away from Keiichi, but Keiichi reaches out to stop them worried about the "Ultimate Force", but nothing happens. They all walk away and Keiichi realizes that the lotion has all spilled into the sand.

Belldandy and Keiichi take a rowboat out into the ocean and Belldandy tells Keiichi that her older sister is in charge of System maintenance, and that when they return she will ask her about the malfunctions. Belldandy stands up to help row and a sudden wave tosses her off balence and she falls into Keiichi's lap. Just as they are about to kiss their rowboat is over turned by Sayoko's boat. Belldandy realizes that Keiichi didn't surface and dives down to rescue him.

Back at the hotel Belldandy remembers that Sayoko smacked her and blamed her for Keiichi almost drowning. Keiichi wakes up and asks Belldandy why she's crying. Belldandy is too afraid to ask Keiichi if he wants her to leave him and runs out of the room to get ice. Urd appears and tells Keiichi that Belldandy is crying because he doesn't have enough love for her. Urd then gives Keiichi a magic potion to "help" him with Belldandy, this potions turns out to make Keiichi fall in love with whomever he sees first.

After he drinks it there is a knock at the door, only it is Sayoko not Belldandy. Keiichi cannot control his actions he professes love for Sayoko, while in his mind trying to stop himself. Belldandy overhears him and is heart broken. Keiichi fighting against his actions screams clutching his head and runs out of the hotel, with Belldandy chasing after him. Belldandy stops him from running into the ocean, pleading with him that she will leave if he wishes. Keiichi still unable to control himself screams and passes out, dropping the vial that Urd gave him. Belldandy sees the vial and knows that its from her sister, Urd. Infuriated she calls for Urd to show herself. Sheepishly Urd appears, and Belldandy demands that Urd return Keiichi to normal. Urd refuses saying that he should stay that way for being so shy, Belldandy turns on Urd and attacks her. Urd then tells Belldandy that there isn't a cure, she didn't fore see him seeing someone else first. Belldandy begs Keiichi to come back to her and kisses him. The kiss breaks the spell that Urd put over him and he wakes up. Belldandy appologizes for her sister, and Keiichi once again reassures her that she is not a bother and they embrace. Urd tries to leave and is struck by lightening. There is a decree from the Lord that says because of Urd's tampering with the system she is forbidden to return to Heaven. They realize this means the Urd is going to come and live with them.

Burning Hearts On The Road

It begins with Skuld chasing a bug around with a hammer in Heaven. She smashes it, but her celebration is short lived as she sees several more hopping around infront of her.

Keiichi is sitting on his porch surrounded by parts. He had drawn straws to be the race driver int he intercollegate race, his club ended up dumping the whole project on him.

Urd watches Belldandy bake. She tries to help as Belldandy makes a cake, but is impatient and ends up using her powers and the bowl explodes all over her and the wall. She moves on to find Keiichi attempting to put the bike together. Urd offers her help but Keiichi turns her down, insulted Urd uses her magic anyway frying the both of them. As Megumi runs up Keiichi gets discouraged because he has to redo most of what he just completed and goes to take a bath.

During the bath the water begins to bubble strangely and out pops Skuld. Not knowing who Keiichi is Skuld is startled and whacks him on the head with her hammer. Urd and Belldandy run to see what the commotion is and find Skuld wondering about an unconcious drowning Keiichi.

Skuld begrudgingly appologizes to Keiichi as Belldandy brings out tea and cake. Belldandy and Keiichi have a coy conversation and this infuriates Skuld, who lashes out at Keiichi and then breaks down crying. Keiichi and Megumi excuse themselves to continue working on the bike and Belldandy tries to talk to Skuld. Skuld just gets more upset and runs off crying. Belldandy follows her and Skuld pleads with Belldandy to return to Heaven, and that the contract is strange. She tells Belldandy that she's lonely and that a goddess shouldn't live like this with a human. Belldandy tells her that the contract is not the only reason she stays, as long as Keiichi wants Belldandy by his side she will stay.
Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd from Episode 3 of the OVA
Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd from Episode 3 of the OVA

As Megumi and Keiichi are working on the bike Tamiya and Aoyama show up with a gift, a twin engine. They debate on using it due to the stress on the frame and the handling of the bike. Up walks Aoshima and he belittles them on the race being tomorrow and they're still arguing over an engine. He reminds Tamiya of the "promise" he's made and presents Belldandy with a bouquet of flowers, gushing about her beauty. Aoshima makes an off hand comment about not allowing them to withdrawl from the races and walks away, leaving Keiichi very confused. Skuld meanwhile finds the blueprints for the bike and is upset with how messy it is, and how wrong the calculations are. She recalculates everything and then marvels at how beatuiful her own work is, Keiichi and Megumi look over her shoulder and are completely impressed with how much she got done and how much time she saved them. Skuld begins to imagine Keiichi and Belldandy being lovey together, this infurates her again and she snaps at Keiichi, yelling that she hates him storming off. Keiichi and Megumi using Skulds blueprints work all night on the bike. Skuld comes to talk to Keiichi, he thanks her for all the calculations that she did. Skuld asks him how he feels about Belldandy and he replies that because of Belldandy his life is full of happiness and she makes him feel as though they've known eachother since they were children.

The next day at the races Aoshima gloats that his team will win and he will be waiting for Belldandy in his club's house. Aoshima realizes that Belldandy and Keiichi were unaware of the bet he made with Tamiya and explains that they had agreed if Aoshima's team wins Belldandy will join his club, the Racing Club. She agrees, but assures Aoshima that the Auto Club won't lose. Skuld imagines that if Keiichi loses he'll dissolve the contract with Belldandy and she will return to Heaven with Skuld. Skuld sneaks in and tunes the Racing Clubs bike so that they start running unbelievable times. When Aoshima comes to taunt the Auto Club again Belldandy tells him that she'll never just give up, because the Goddess of victory doesn't smile on people like Aoshima who only think of winning. Keiichi agrees that with 3 goddesses, Belldandy, Urd, and now Skuld, how can he lose. This makes Skuld feel very guilty. When the finals come it is the Auto Club vs the Racing Club of Nekomi Tech. Belldandy cleans off Keiichi's mask and gives him a good luck kiss. She even guarantees its effectiveness ^_~

The race begins and just as it seems that the Racing Club will win a bomb on their engine goes off disabling their bike. Keiichi is able to win the race. After the race Urd, Belldandy and Skuld are walking around the fair and Belldandy sees a ring she likes. Keiichi goes to buy it for her, only to find that he has left his money in his jaket. Urd belittles him and Skuld says she really does hate him!

Evergreen Holy Night

Keiichi is having nightmares about Belldandy leaving him. He screams and wakes up to find Belldandy sitting by his side. He cannot bring himself to tell her what his dreams are about, so she leaves to get him some water.

The next morning, outside Skuld and Urd are having a not so normal snowball fight. Keiichi and Belldandy are confused about the amount of snow, so Keiichi goes to check the roads. He looks around and notices that the temple is the only place with snow. Keiichi climbs up and begins to shovel snow off the roof when something pops out of the snow. He loses balence and falls off the roof, but Belldandy uses her powers and saves him. The other two goddesses chastize him, when he says that it was something wierd. Skuld then spots the bug and chases it, as soon as she smashes it with her hammer, all the snow disappears.

Urd, Skuld, and Keiichi are sitting around the table discussing about how the bugs shouldn't be here when Keiichi's drink starts to boil, then the table vansishes, and Keiichi starts to attract metal things like a magnet. Skuld uses her bug attractor and it seems like a hundred bugs come from everywhere. Skuld uses her devices and discovers that the space between Belldandy and Keiichi is causing a bug portal. They must stay away from eachother! Just then the phone rings, Belldandy goes to get it and its the Lord. He gives Belldandy a recall notice, the gate will take three days to set up, at that time she will return to Heaven until this is solved.

Skuld tells Keiichi to stay away from Belldandy to keep the portal from forming. Rumors start around the University that Keiichi and Belldandy have broken up. Belldandy goes to the University just to be near Keiichi. They see eachother in the hallway and just as they get glose the window explodes all over Keiichi. Belldandy runs away. They see eachother again in the cafeteria where Belldandy tries to give Keiichi a thermos, but as she takes a step into the eating area the vending machine explodes. Belldandy drops the thermos and runs away. Megumi comes over to Keiichi and asks him if the rumors are true that he and Belldandy have broken up. Keiichi tells Megumi that Belldandy must go home in three days. Megumi advises Keiichi to tell Belldandy how he feels, tell Belldandy that he loves her, give her a prsent thats worth three months of pay! This inspires Keiichi and he runs off looking for jobs. While at the Auto Club he gives a girl a note to give to Belldandy. She delivers the note to a very unhappy Belldandy sitting on a bench, and tells Belldandy to cheer up.

Skuld and Urd try to figure out how to stop the bug portal. They find that ta cherry tree in the temple yard has a powerful energy in it attracting the bugs. When they ask Belldandy about it she becomes terrified. Keiichi begs Belldandy to tell him what it is and steps closer to her. Each step causes things to explode around them, Belldandy becomes more terrified and turns, running inside.
Morisato Keiichi and Belldandy
Morisato Keiichi and Belldandy

For Love of Goddess

Skuld keeps Keiichi from Belldandy and Urd tries to call the Lord directly for an answer but is unable to get through. Urd decides to use an Ultimate Magic Circle to break the seal on the tree and stop the recall of Belldandy. Keiichi works all the jobs he can find, every free moment he has is taken up by miscellaneous jobs. Belldandy knits Keiichi a sweater and counts down the days.

Keiichi goes into a jewelry store and sees a ring. The ring envokes a strange memory, and he feels the urge to buy that ring for Belldandy. He continues working as many jobs as he can. He comes home late one night and Belldandy turns to run to see him, but stops herself. Urd goes into the hallway to find Keiichi asleep on the floor, she sighs at him and takes him to bed.

Keiichi has a dream about giving Belldandy the ring. His memory is slowly returning about their past. Morning comes and he runs out to another job, leaving a note for Belldandy.

Belldandy finally finishes the sweater for Keiichi and Skuld and Urd finish the calculations for the Ultimate Magic Circle. Belldandy begins to remove all of their stuff from the temple. She folds the sweater she made and lays it in Keiichi's room, then sits to wait the time until she has to go.

Keiichi finally has enough money to buy the ring. He runs to the shop early in the morning and bangs on the shop door, begging the lady to open. Even though they don't open until 10:00 the lady realizes its Christmas Eve and leans across the counter getting the ring for him. He gives her the money and runs out forgetting his change.

Belldandy walks out to see Urd and Skuld making the Ultimate Magic Circle. She tells them to stop, that what is happening is her sin and she must take the consequences. Keiichi runs up to the temple to give Belldandy the ring but things begin to explode as he draws near. The gate activates and begins to take Belldandy away. Keiichi pushes through the field to give her the ring. Keiichi says he remembers his promise, and Belldandy says she remembers hers. He tells her that she tried twice to keep her promise and thats why he must keep his. As Belldandy begins to ascent he fights to be with her. Belldandy begs the Lord to let her stay with Keiichi, even if it means giving up her powers and being banished from Heaven. Urd and Skuld finish the Ultimate Magic Circle and Urd begins the spell. There is a huge explosion of magic and a large blinding light. As the smoke clears everyone is laying on the ground. Belldandy runs to Keiichi and clutches him crying. Urd states that Keiichi is burried in his own psyche, Belldandy goes into his mnd to find him and bring him back, even though the dangers are severe.

Keiichi remembers his childhood, he followed a mysterious light and within the light there was a girl. It was Belldandy, they were very comfortable with eachother. Belldandy promised to meet him there the next day, but it was as binding as a contract which was forbidden for someone without their license. She was punished and her charge was to erase Keiichi's memory himself. Keiichi willingly allowed it promising that if he met her agian, he'd remember.

Keiichi wakes up and notices that the gate is gone. Suddenly a message from the Lord appears. Since Keiichi's memory has returned the recall notice has been invalidated, Urd's license is suspended for 30 days for unauthorized use of an Ultimate Magic Circle, and Skulds job has been modified to Surface World Trainee until the bug leakage is eliminated. Keiichi is finally able to keep his promise, he remembers Belldandy and gives her the ring, which is what he was going to give her when they were children.


The movie was released October 21, 2000. It seemed to run parallel with the Anime OVA and chronicled the time that Morisato Keiichi and Belldandy spent at Nekomi Tech. It was produced by the Anime International Company (AIC) and runs 105 minutes. The US distribution was done by Geneon Entertainment.

Its about Belldandy's old mentor Celstin's attempts to rid the world of what he deems is unnecessary suffering. He plants a virus in Belldandy erasing her memories of her time on earth and Keiichi himself. The virus effects Yggdrasil as well, and Peorth isolates Earth and Heavens computers to prevent further contamination until the problem is solved. Is Keiichi and Belldandy's love gone for good? Why did the Fairy Princess Morgan LeFay release Celestin from his prison in the first place? Will Belldandy get her memories back?


A fairy princess Morgan Le Fay is seen dancing across the surface of the moon. She bounds down to the gates of the Lunar Prison. Using her powers she enters beyond the force field and begins to unlock the prison despite the forces pushing her away. She is able to unlock the prison and the gate crumbles away revealing a small white mask. It speaks to her, it offers to lend her his powers so that she may be united with the man she seeks. The two of them float away from the Lunar Prison and towards earth.

Keiichi wanders around the temple looking for Belldandy. He wanders outside to a small machine that is sweeping the ground, and asks it if it knows where Belldandy is. It looks off into the woods and Keiichi wanders that way. He finds Belldandy in a clearing singing with Holy Belldandy. Skuld is also sitting near by admiring Belldandy. She of course gets into a fight with Urd, and Belldandy looks towards them. Keiichi tells Belldandy how amazing she is being able to bring the forest back to life. Belldandy smiles at him explaining that the forest told her what it wanted and she gave it a voice. Urd interrupts reminding Keiichi that he was looking for Belldandy, and he remembers saying he’d like to leave early today. As Keiichi runs off Belldandy offers to help Skuld practice her singing later, but that Skuld needs to think about who she’s singing to or about, and to put love into her song.

At school the Auto Club has its initiation ceremony for new members. Hasegawa is announcing about the future of the racing club. They show all of the different machines that they will be racing with, and announce the newest edition, the machine that they will be racing in next weeks race. Belldandy and Keiichi come racing around the corner in a machine that is driven by Keiichi but steered by Belldandy. Belldandy stands up and all the men in the audience gawk at her beauty. Then another girl approaches the podium and wants to join the Auto Club. Everyone begins to run up to sign up when Tamiya and Ootaki start flexing in jumpers hollering in bullhorns. This ends up scaring most of the people away. Keiichi and Belldandy look on in horror at what they are saying.

Back at the club house they chastise Tamiya and Ootaki for being so obnoxious, but Belldandy tries to make light of the situation saying that anyone left must have a true love for the Auto Club. All of the three new people just stare longingly at Belldandy. Everyone is partying down, but Morgan is sitting alone and Keiichi goes to talk to her. She does respond as he tries to start a conversation. Tamiya suddenly grabs Keiichi by the neck of his shirt pulling him away from Morgan, yelling about him hitting on new members. Keiichi tries to defend himself, but finds its useless. Most of the members are drunk anyway. He retires to the kitchen with Belldandy. Hasegawa drunk as ever stumbles into the kitchen and tells Belldandy that its her turn to Karaoke. She hands Belldandy the mic and Belldandy takes to the stage. Hasegawa begins to gush about how wonderful Belldandy is, Megumi is also there and begins to pick on Keiichi. Keiichi realizes that Megumi is drunk and tries to take the drink away. Hasegawa gets upset and begins to shout about looking childish. She ends up trying to show Keiichi her breasts and rubbing up on him, all of Keiichi’s squirming doesn’t help him get away. Belldandy sees this and panics, breaking glasses everywhere, embarrassed Belldandy runs out. Keiichi runs after her assuring her that everything is all right. As they are standing outside a man begins to walk towards them. Belldandy runs to him. Keiichi is confused.

Urd gets a phonecall from Peorth. Peorth says the eternally sealed man on the moon was released, they don’t know what he’s doing or where he’s going. Before Peorth says anything else Urd rushes out the door grabbing the broom from the machine and flies away.

Belldandy runs to Celestin crying. She turns to Keiichi to introduce him to her teacher and mentor, Celestin. She doesn’t understand his sudden disappearance several years ago, she breaks down crying and Keiichi goes to run to her but stops. Celestin says that he’s come to take Belldandy away and holds her lovingly. Urd appears suddenly in a flash of anger and demands that he step away from Belldandy immediately. Belldandy doesn’t understand. Celestin turns Belldandy around, holding her he kisses her passionately. Keiichi stares in disbelief at them. As he pulls away Belldandy collapses. Rushing to her side Keiichi lashes out at Celestin demanding to know what he’s done. Keiichi takes Belldandy from him and lays her on the ground trying frantically to wake her. Celestin disappears before them. Keiichi in a panic calls out to Urd that Belldandy won’t wake up.

Back in Heaven Peorth is attempting to figure out what the virus is doing, and trying to stop it from infecting Yggdrasil.

They get Belldandy home and Urd attempts some magic to bring her back. They pull out Holy Belldandy and she has crystals protruding out of her body. Urd attempts to cure her but it does nothing. The phone rings and its Peorth, she says that a virus that has infected Belldandy has spread to the system. They can’t do anything, there’s no way to bring Belldandy in for treatment, they can barely communicate by phone. Peorth says she’s praying for them. Skuld tries to run to goto Heaven to brings someone back to help. She cries out sitting in a bathtub full of water that the gates won’t work, and Urd replies that gates are non operational.

Within her own mind all traces of Keiichi are being erased. Outside her body reverts to her goddess regalia and she wakes up introducing herself to Keiichi as if they’ve never met. She doesn’t seem to understand why Skuld and Urd were there too. Skuld tries to explain everything but Belldandy doesn’t remember. She remembers Skuld and Urd but not Keiichi. He wishes for her memory to return, but because the system is not responding she cannot grant the wish.

Skuld tries to use her machines to return Belldandy’s memories. All it does is remind Belldandy to give Keiichi her business card. Peorth reports to the Lord that the virus was transmitted to Belldandy by touch and from there infected the entire system deleteing everything. Peorth requests to know about the culprit and the Lord grants her special permission to find out. She sees Belldandy with Celestin at the Gate of Judgement.

Belldandy and Skuld accompany Keiichi to University. She wanders in her goddess regalia and it attracts a lot of attention. He requests that she wear normal looking clothes, and she just about transforms infront of people. They take her to an alley and she transforms. Keiichi tells the Auto Club that Belldandy has lost her memory. They all wonder about what to do for the upcoming race and Morgan offers to try. Belldandy hands Keiichi his helmet and seems excited to see how the car works and the driver and passenger work together. This leaves Keiichi with an empty feeling, and he goes off to test driving with another person. Watching them sparks some memory in Belldandy.

At first Keiichi takes it very easy, but Morgan tells him to speed up and he does so. Its obvious he doesn’t trust Morgan as he does Belldandy. In the shower she speaks with the mask again, which assures her that their goals are infact the same. On the way home Keiichi is just driving, and he rushes around a corner, Belldandy panics thinking they’re going too fast and uses her powers to pull them from the vehicle. Her not trusting him just increases the empty feeling even more and he pulls the bike off the siderail and begins to walk it home.

At home Urd asks Keiichi how long he’s going to mope around. They smell cooking and find that Belldandy has made a feast. Keiichi does his best to eat it. While cleaning Belldandy finds a photo album with pictures of Keiichi and her. She realizes that Keiichi’s been empty since her memory has been lost, but she promises to try to make him happy and smile like he was in the pictures. At the Auto Club they talk about canceling the race, but Belldandy says that she will try to do her best and practice. This encourages Keiichi, and he wants to give it a try.

Morgan begins to wander around campus looking for Keiichi, she walks into his lecture. She grabs Keiichi by the arm and drags him out, Belldandy in a hurry gathers his stuff and follows them out. Morgan asks to participate in the race, but Keiichi defends Belldandy and they decide to test it out. The faster car will participate. Even without her memory Belldandy and Keiichi are able to beat the other team, the whole ordeal brings back some more of her memory.

Belldandy over hears Urd, Skuld and Keiichi talking about Belldandy. She realizes that her mentor Celestin was the one who erased her memories. She runs off into the night and finds Celestin. She asks him why he has hidden her memories, why would he be the kind of person to do such a thing. He unseals the memories of what happened with them in Heaven.

Morgan La Fey in Farie Form
Morgan La Fey in Farie Form

They look down upon the Gate of Judgement. There are two people at the Gate of Judgement, it is said that when two people are in love they go to pass through. If there is any doubt within their hearts then only one comes out the other side, but if they’re love is true then they pass through and receive the Lords blessing. No one has successfully passed through the gate. One of the people at the gate is clearly Morgan Le Fay, the other resembles Morisato Keiichi. As they pass through the gate only Morgan is left, she looks frantically for Keiichi but he is not there, and she begins to cry. Celestin feels this is cruel, and that heaven doesn’t care about the pain of those below. He attempts to destroy the Gate of Judgement. He asks Belldandy to come with him, when Cherubs appear and begin to attack him. Belldandy panics and destroys them all, Celestin tries to take her with him when she is protected and Goddesses decend and take him away. Celestin is sentenced to be sealed away forever in the Lunar Prison. Urd is charged to remove Belldandy’s memories.

Urd finds Belldandy and Celestin and charges in. Belldandy confused and dazed, turns on her sister and fights Urd. Skuld transports in dragging Keiichi. Keiichi runs in to find Belldandy, Skuld warns him of the danger because he’s only human. Dispite her warnings he heads in anyway. He cries out to Belldandy, for her to remember the happiness they had together. The confusion and strain is too much for Belldandy and she passes out. Skuld becomes upset and angry. She calls out Noble Rose and lashes out at Celestin. Water rushes in and Keiichi runs to save Belldandy, Celestin runs away.

Outside Morgan Le Fay is bleeding, you realize that her and Celestin are sharing the same body. The three goddesses return home with Keiichi. Belldandy apologizes for making Urd worry, Urd only tells her to get some rest. Belldandy tells Skuld that after it is all over she wants to return to Heaven, because she’s only caused Keiichi pain. Skuld tells her about how happy she was with Keiichi, that they’ve met so many people and done so many things and she was always happy because Keiichi was by her side.

Keiichi wakes up and sees Belldandy sleeping next to him. He lovingly brushes her hair from her face. Hasegawa calls and tells Keiichi that she may have some medicine that may help. She asks that if she loses everything, nothing will change between them right? Keiichi smiles. Inside the clubhouse he sees blood, and Morgan. He is worried if she’s hurt and wants to take her to the clinic. Morgan is touched that Keiichi is worried about her. At the clinic Morgan shows that her arm is cut badly and bleeding, he tends to her arm and bandages it for her. She tells him about her lost love and how seeing him and Belldandy makes her feel strange. Morgan asks if Keiichi would be able to love her. He says that he is sorry for the rough times she went through, he doesn’t know if he could love her. Morgan becomes upset, and tells him that Belldandy will be Celestin’s and he will be alone, soon the world will change. She then kisses her. Keiichi becomes angry and accuses her of stealing Belldandy’s memories. Morgan transforms back into her fairy form and flies away.

In Heaven they realize that the virus is spreading, with it being linked to Belldandy they can’t see the true form. They decide to use the vaccine on Belldandy. Skuld is angry, she feels that it is too dangerous, she’d rather stay like this then risk losing Belldandy. Keiichi goes to Belldandy to tell her that Morgan was allied with Celestin. Maybe she can help return Belldandy’s memories. Belldandy tells Keiichi that she saw them kissing, Keiichi is mortified. She realizes that it wasn’t the way she thought, but that she is jealous. Belldandy asks Keiichi if he can love her like she is now, and Keiichi says even more so because of the way she is. She decides that she has to try the vaccine if it has the possibility of returning her to normal, for Keiichi. The vaccine is prepared and Belldandy walks in to receive it. They find the virus in Belldandy, and attempt to banish it, as they do the virus integrates the vaccine and rewrites it. Keiichi begins to clutch his head and cry out in pain. He runs to Belldandy, he now contains Celestin’s markings. Reaching out he grabs the virus from within Belldandy and it directly attacks the foundation system of Heaven. Being totally controlled by Celestin, Keiichi pulls the virus out. Urd finally realizes the true purpose of Belldandy’s heart and feelings, of the virus and Keiichi, to destroy Yggdrasil. Celestine is going to destroy this unjust world, he calls forth the Tree of the World

Celestin awakens Belldandy. Within his mind Keiichi sees Belldandy and Celestin’s history together. He remembers meeting her for the first time. She is crawling on the ground crying. Celestine discovers she is crying over a dead bird, he revives the bird and Belldandy is happy again! He tells Belldandy he will grant her any wish. Celestin teaches Belldandy to sing from her heart. He is there as she receives her license, as everyone in heaven adores her. Belldandy awakens and sees Keiichi in front of her and promises not to forget him, but soon realizes that it is not Keiichi but Celestin. She realizes that the tree is on earth, that he intends to destroy earth. Belldandy fights against it, she begs Celestin to stop. Morgan attacks Belldandy, she tells her that it was Morgan at the gate, that it was her feelings that day. She asks if Belldandy has faith, does she believe in Keiichi if they were to pass through?

Skuld and Urd head off to attempt to stop the tree leaving Celestin to Belldandy. Belldandy realizes that everyone suffers, but their strength and love allows them to continue on. Urd attacks the tree with lightning, but Morgan goes after her. The program begins and starts to cut down the Tree of the World. Heaven is helpless to stop it and can only rely on Belldandy, Urd and Skuld.


Belldandy orders Celestin to stop the program. He tries to tell her that it is unfair, everyone should be equally happy. Celestine tries to scare her with the thought of losing Keiichi at the Gate of Judgement. Peorth orders the computer to release Gungir for ultimate termination of Celestin. Realizing that they are trying to destroy Celestin, but that it is Keiichi’s body, Belldandy throws herself infront of the beam to save him. Keiichi comes out and realizes that whatever Belldandy wants he supports it, her light is the light of hope. Keiichi tells her that even if God himself stands against her he will always continue to protect her. Keiichi asks for Celestin to lend his power so that he may help Belldandy.

In heaven they realize that Gungir was countered. Belldandy and Keiichi stand at the Gate of Judgement. Morgan is with them as well. She doesn’t understand why she is there when she has no one to love. She calls out to them, Celestin tells them that even if their feelings are slightly false, they will be separated forever. Keiichi says that even if there is uneasiness in their hearts, he never wants to let go of her hand. They pass through the gate and find themselves together on the otherside. Morgan understands that her purpose is to stay there and to help others to pass through the gate. They find themselves back on earth, with little time left as the program is still destroying the Tree of the World. The three goddesses use their powers to revive earth and bring the Tree back. Together they begin to sing to the world. In heaven the other goddesses join in their song. Like a phoenix the tree emerges from the ground rebuilt, and ascends back to heaven.

Belldandy and Keiichi stand together overlooking the world. Belldandy says how happy she is to be with Keiichi. Celestine finally understands that it is the world that made Belldandy into the wonderful person she is. After Celestin disappears, Belldandy says that there is still one more problem. With Yggdrasil failing their contract has been voided, but she is able to grand him one more wish in its place. Keiichi smiles and says “I’ve already decided”. They embrace as Skuld and Urd watch on. Skuld says she wants to be in a wonderful relationship like Belldandy’s and Urd says she’s still too young, and as usual the two of them erupt in a fight.

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