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  • Anim (abbreviated as animal, animes, animus, animas) is an online community showcasing various forms of anime/furry artwork. It was launched in June 16, 2010 by Chico. The site is commonly targeted to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime & furry. Anim aims to provide a place for anime/furry artist to exhibit and discuss artworks. The board does not allow pornographic material to be submitted, however "tasteful" nudity is allowed.
  • The site is organized in a very comprehensive category structure.
  • Anim is not only a board, it is also a gallery, a chat, a calendar, a blog and a place where you can download animation fan subs/dubs for those who loves watching anime, western cartoons and furry shows. You can also upload high-definition videos to the gallery if use their homemade flash video player.
  • Anim is very well known for it's (,,, premium state of art domain hacks. The owner also owns & and have them redirected to the main site ( for the sake of gaining traffic.
  • The name (Anim) is also a typo of the word anime. Their logo (Anim) represents number six "6" in tagalog. The word is also the international abbreviation of the word "animation" which is based on a contraction of anima "life" & motion "movement". Anime may be linguistically the abbreviation of "animation". But around the world, anime is always associated with japanese animation.
  • The site was born with the idea to unite the anime and furry fandom together to create a comprehensive database for the animation fans and for those who love cartoons of all art styles. There are no restrictions on content, other than that it must be legal to display on the site.
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