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Arrancar are a fiction race in Kubo Tite's anime and manga series, Bleach. Similar to Vaizards, Arrancar are Hollow/Shinigami combinations, which lay more heavily on the Hollow portion of their make up.



Arrancar are created by Aizen Sousuke using the Hougyoku, a device invented by Urahara Kisuke. After leaving Soul Society, Aizen began creating Arrancar in Hueco Mundo, where a fortress was built to house Aizen, Ichimaru Gin, Kaname Tousen, and the Arrancar they would create.



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Espada are the 10 top ranked Arrancar, based on their overall abilites. These 10 act directly under Aizen and his two associates, and hold great authority over other Arrancar. The strength of the individual Espada varies greatly, but as individuals, are typically at or above the strength of a Captain-level Shinigami.

Each member of the Espada has a tattoo localed somewhere on their body designating their rank.

Privion Espada

Privion Espada are former members of the Espada who have lost their ranking due to newer, stronger Arrancar created by Aizen. These Arrancar are given ranks by adding 100 on to each of their former Espada ranks. For example, rank 103 Privion Espada was formerly rank 3 Espada. These Arrancar, though strong, do not match the strength of the current Espada, and have thus far been defeated fairly easily by Kurosaki Ichigo, Uryuu Ishida, and Yasutora Sado.




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