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Satsuki Miyanoshita moves to a different town with her family (her father, cat and brother). Kaya, their cat, came to Satsuki's house the day her mother died, when she was six.

At Satsuki's first day of school, Keichiro decided to bring Kaya with him to school. Kaya eventually jumped out of Keichiro's bag, and ran into the old, deserted school building that was a little ways from the new building. Since Satsuki wasn't aware that the building was "haunted", she decided to go and get Kaya back. Being the nervous little boy that he is, Keichiro quickly followed behind Satsuki. Just when they were about to enter the building, a girl named Momoko appeared right behind them. She wanted to go into the building, because her hat flew into there from the wind. The three were about to go in, when two boys, Hajime and Leo, stopped them. They told the three that if they went inside, they'd get attacked by ghosts. When they looked at Momoko, they decided to go in, though.

There was one ghost that followed them from the entrance. His name was Amanojaku, and the group doesn't realize that he's following them. Satsuki finds a book behind a portrait of what seems to be her mother. She then finds out that her mother was the principal of the school. The book describes how to seal away many ghosts that was written by Satsuki's mother.

Amanojaku finally attacks, and they read how to seal him away. They rush out of the building, and the first day of school already ended. They think that Amanojaku is sealed away forever, but then they realize that he was sealed in their cat. Now Satsuki and her friends have to find a way to get Amanojaku out of Kaya's body!

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