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  • played by:

japanese-Toshiyuki Morikawa, english-Paul Dobson

  • Naraku, the main villain of Inuyasha, was formed when a bandit named Onigumo fused with many demons. Naraku's goal is to gain absolute power by collecting the complete Shikon Jewel. He enjoys toying with people's emotions. After Kikyo gave him a large shard of the jewel, he gained the power to create incarnations of himself, which can be recognized by a spider-shaped burn mark on their back. In his early appearances, he usually wore a white baboon pelt to disguise himself. His venomous insects, the Saimyosho, often show his presence when he isn't really there. Before he could create his incarnations, and sometimes after, he sent demon puppets into situations he thought were too dangerous to be there himself.


  • played by:japanese-Hiroshi Yanaka, english-Paul Dobson & Mark Mitchell

A fatally injured bandit who fell in love with Kikyo. Coveting both her and the Shikon Jewel, he made a pact with demons to gain the strength to take them for himself. His name means "demon spider". His face is never shown in the anime.


  • Kagura

played by: japanese-Izumi Oogami, english-Janyse Jaud The first of Naraku's incarnations. She appears to be a young woman, and calls herself the Wind Sorceress. She can fly on a giant feather, and her weapon is a giant fan. Her main moves are Dance of Blades, Dance of the Dragon, and Dance of the Dead. She wanted to betray Naraku and live free like the wind. She fell in love with Sesshomaru. Was killed by Naraku.

  • Kanna

played by: japanese-Yukana Nogami, english-Janyse Jaud Kanna looks like a young girl all in white. Her clothes and hair are white, her skin is pale, and she never shows any emotion. She carries a mirror that she can use to absorb people's souls, reflect attacks back toward the user, and show Naraku or Kagura what is happening elsewhere. Of all Naraku's incarnations, she lasted the longest and is the one he trusts most.

  • Goshinki

played by: japanese-Masaharu Satoh, english-Michael Kopsa An ogre with sharp teeth and mind-reading powers. He was killed right away by InuYasha, but he did manage to break the Tetsusaiga.

  • Juromaru & Kageromaru

played by: english-Brian Drummond A pair of brothers. Juromaru looks normal, but Kageromaru has a human head on a silver, insectlike body. Juromaru is the brawn while Kageromaru has the brains. They are both incredibly fast. Like Goshinki, they only appeared for one episode, and were killed by InuYasha. Kageromaru's name means "shadow boy".

  • Muso

played by: japanese-Hiroshi Yanaka, english-Brian Dobson The first time Naraku tried to get rid of Onigumo's human heart, Muso was the product. He had no memories or face, but he clearly had Onigumo's personality. He stole many things during his short time in freedom, including the name and face of a monk. Was reabsorbed into Naraku.

  • The Infant

played by: japanese-Ai Kobayashi After Mount Hakurei, Naraku succeeded in removing his heart and placing it inside of the infant. Along with Hakudoshi, the infant tried to betray and replace Naraku. Was reabsorbed into Naraku.

  • Hakudoshi

played by: japanese-Ai Kobayashi, english-Chiara Zanni Hakudoshi was split off of the infant and quickly grew to the shape of a little boy. He was the most ruthless of Naraku's incarnations, and became master of Entei, the demon horse. Was sucked into Miroku's wind tunnel.

  • Byakuya

Naraku's final incarnation. He was created to replace Kagura and can fly on a giant origami crane. He can separate one of his eyes from his body, and send it away to spy on people. He is also Master of Illusions. His first appearance is in episode 4 of Inuyasha: The Final Act. His name means "white night".

  • Hair Demon & Eye Demon

Technically not incarnations, but pieces Naraku left behind when he escaped to Mount Hakurei. The hair demon consisted of a mouth and a lot of hair. It came after Koga's jewel shards and he killed it from the inside. The eye demon came after a bandit who had a jewel shard, who happened to be with Kikyo at the time. She killed it. Naraku may have left these demons behind to fight his pursuers, but it's more likely he just didn't need them anymore.

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