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Yoshihiro Takahashi is a manga artist and author. He is known for most of his manga creations being based around dogs and sometimes wolves. His most well known creations are Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Legend Weed.


 Yoshihiro Takahashi
Yoshihiro Takahashi

Yoshihiro Takahashi was born in Akita-Ken, Japan in the year of 1953. He was very interested in drawing. and published comics in newspapers and magazines during the 60's. However his greatest breakthrough didn't came until the creation of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. The idea for it came from an newspaper article that told of pet dogs running away into the wild, becoming wild dogs. Fascinated that dogs were 'returning to nature', he began to create manga where dogs were also joining the wild. It was a huge success in 1985, and was eventually turned into an anime. In 1999 Ginga Legend Weed, the series' sequel, was published and is currently ongoing. Like it's prequel, it became successful as well and was also turned into an anime.

Today many fans of his work, say that he is one of few who turned a dog into a hero in manga works.



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