Charming Junkie

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Charming Junkie

Charming Junkie (悩殺ジャンキー,Nosatsu Junkie) Genre:Comedy,Drama,Gender Bender,Romance,school life,shoujo, and slice of life. Author and artist: Fukuyama Ryoko. Year of release:2004. Status:ongoing.

Plot summary

Naka wants to be a top-charted model but she's easily nervous during photo-shoots. That's the worst thing possible for a model! Not only that, but when she's nervous her face turns into a wild beast. Thus, she has been rejected at auditions. However, her luck seems to change when she discovers Umi's, a high-ranked model, secret. She then black-mails Umi with the secret to get her a modeling job. But what is this secret? And what will happen between Umi and Naka?


Kaburagi Naka

Kajiwara Umi

Tsutsumi Ikue

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