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Mahiru Shiraishi is haunted by images of the Descendent of the Princess in a disturbing recurring dream. There, she meets members of the Lunar Race: a group of vampires, werewolves and vixens who need Mahiru's help to recover their power source that was stolen a thousand years ago in an incident involving the princess.


A soft lullaby, a demon warrior, a sad princess, and a strange world—these are the things that fill Mahiru Shiraishi's dreams and fill her mind with questions. Mahiru is a young orphaned high school girl, who is rumored to give good luck to anyone she touches. Unfortunately, she seems to have the worst luck in the world. One day, Mahiru meets a group of demons from a tribe called the "Lunar Race". When the members of the Lunar Race are touched by Mahiru, she draws out their hidden powers. The demons request Mahiru's help in order to find their tribe's source of power—crystals called the "Teardrops of the Moon." Without Mahiru's aid and the Teardrops of the Moon, the Lunar Race will be destroyed. In turn for helping them, Mahiru will learn about her powers and the reasons for her reoccurring dreams.

The protagonist, Mahiru, will have to struggle with life helping the demons and dealing with her human feelings, while coping with her past troubles and preventing an all out war between demons and humans.

Primary Characters

Mahiru Shiraishi — An ordinary high school girl who seems to be "gifted" by giving others good luck and herself bad luck. She unlocks her hidden abilities with the Lunar Race.

Mitsuru Suou — A seventeen year old tengu who can control wind and electricity. He has aqua colored hair, a hostile personality, and seems to be frightened by Mahiru. She is frightened by him, at first, and this bothers him, although he tries not to show it. Later in the series it becomes apparent that he loves her, and Mahiru returns his feelings. Mitsuru, unlike the rest of the Moonlight Bandits, had been raised by humans, so he has no idea what his clan's weaknesses are and is not used to his transformation. Until he learns to control his power, Mitsuru transforms every time he touches Mahiru, or vice versa. Along with this transformation comes an uncontrollable surge of anger. He's 17 years old, but his birth date and place are unknown. His major abilities are controlling wind and lightning, as well as the power to fly. An importance to the beginning of the series is that he can't swim.

Misoka Asagi — A fox demon and the unspoken leader of the Moonlight Bandits. The third Mahiru encounters, Misoka is the oldest of the Moonlight Bandits (21 years old, born on March 11). Level-headed and quick thinker, it has been hinted that Misoka is slightly sensitive about the fact that he's obscenely short. His greatest abilities are hypnosis and transformations. He was born in the Moon Palace. In the first volume released by Tokyopop, Misoka was mistakenly referred to as female. This was corrected in later volumes.

Nozomu Moegi — The second member of the "Lunar Race" encountered by Mahiru, a suave and affectionate vampire who takes a shine to Mahiru. He loves the ladies and has an irresistible charm. A member of the Moonlight Bandits. He is 19 years old, born on September 27th. His major power is using his bats to spy and talk to his comrades through. Although he has blond hair and blue eyes, he speaks with a thick Kansai accent. Being a vampire, he cannot eat solid foods, and sustains himself on soup and juice. He was born in Osaka.

Akira Yamabuki — Fourth member of the "Lunar Race" that Mahiru encounters. Akira is the youngest of the Moonlight Bandits, at sixteen years of age (born on December 4th). He is a happy-go-lucky werewolf who loathes dwelling on serious issues for too long. His major abilities are super-speed, super strength, and an amazing sense of smelling and hearing. He loves to cook, and is very skilled at it. He was born in Northeastern Japan.

Myth Song

Princess, Princess, why do you cry? In a forest painted by the setting sun. I made a promise to a demon boy, that when the full moon asecnds the sky in ten, I'll become his bride. Princess, Princess, why do you laugh? Behind a veil of bamboo blinds, The minister explains that He'll hide and protect me, Just as the moon in a hazy sky. Princess, Princess, Why are you scared? In the far-off reaches of the highest mountains, I hear the cries of a demon boy, That if women are truley as fickle as the phases of the moon, Then surely I shall capture and devour her.

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