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Crystal Jewels
DirectorSano Ukuto (Original series #1-240)

Maturi Iyana (Beyonds series #241- Brawler's Quest series #534)
Furiba Haruno (Brawler's Quest #535- Next Quest series #880)
Rei Sakase (Next Quest series #881- Mental Consions series #1009)
Haruka Jinaka (Mental Consions series #1010- Souls of Legends #1440)
Garuko Masunae (Garnet and Turquoise #1441- present

StudioTeam Kaiba (1993-2000)

Team Rushun (2000-2008) Team Maiku (2008-2012) LDC Team (2012- present)

LicensorNA LogicKids Inc. (1993-2005)

Crystal Jewels Team (2005-present)

NetworkJPTokyo Kids Inc

AUJunkCable (1993-present)
SpaceTV (1998-03, 2005-13)
DemoTV (2013-present)
AUSCouchTV (1995-99, 2002-09)
YellTV (2010-present)
NA JunkCable (1997-2018)
YellTV (1993-present)
AnimeCable (First production, 1998-2004, 2006-09)
SoupNet (1994-2006, 2007-18)
AnimeCable (Reproduction, 2018-present)
Anime Bomb (2005-12, 2014-present)

Original RunJanuary 1, 1993 - present
PredecessorFarika Sabina

Maruko Jinko Garuko Joshida

SuccessorRichi Ino
Crystal Jewels, also known as (クリスタルジュエル Kurisutarujueru?, also alternatively advertised as "The Crystal Jewels series") in Japan, is a Japanese anime television series, adapted from the Crystal Jewels video games.

The series provides of 7 series and 28 movies, which is in 28 seasons (1 movie in 1 season), splitten up based on taking place based on the video games: original series, Beyonds, Brawler's Quest, Next Quest, Mental Consions, Souls of Legends, and Natalie Quest series.

There are several special of the series. The each seasons contains 60 episodes, including some side story series.

The series have produced other series such as Crystal Jewels: Battle Adventure , aired in 2004-05.  Crystal Jewels is a remake of the original series. It was supposed to be released in 2018. In Go!Go! SuperBattle!, the character, Koumisa Chuko, is a character based on the video game character, Kouchu. His anime counterpart, Kouchu Misako, was borrowed of his name and reassembled the letters. The main character of the anime, Kouchu Misako, and his best pal, Roaracryst, travel around the world to become a master champion, as the lesson learned in Crystal Jewels Master Champion, Kouchu learns what being a master champion is.  



Kouchu starts his journey in Justpip Town, believing himself as a crystal bralwer. Kouchu went out and professor Shari gave kouchu the Roaracryst. Their first battle was with Sakuro, who stole all the Crystal Monsters from the lab and they are returned and stopped the Furious Five. Kouchu meet new friends like Shauna and now Sakuro. While on his journey, he met Marcy, which is now a crystal brawler who made all the brawlers' Crystal Monsters faints. Then, he met people like Gerido, who is in charge of the tower in Pure Village. He battle Sakuro's brother and he earns his first gym badges, then Sakuro was impressed at Kouchu's battles, so they became friends. Kouchu encountered obstacles of the Furious Five's steps, and of course, Marcy, in his journey. He met Dustin Withness, who lost in the gym, and after he heals, he trains Kouchu for his second gym badge.

Before he competes in the league, he was bored, so he did several things, Kouchu's mom ordered him to buy her the fethers, and Kouchu catches some Crystal Monsters during the training of the league. After three days of training, Kouchu then enters the league and competes in the league later in the season. First, in the first round, he defeated Kinney, and then in the second round, he defeated Ralph, and for the third, he beats Wally, and is ready for the fourth. After he beat the rest of the Crystal Brawlers, his final opponent is Marcy, and cheats by using her Marukas and using fake weapons, but that doesn't effect some of Kouchu's Crystal Monster. Marcy then won against Kouchu, and she have to face the last champion. But she lost to that champion. After the league, Kouchu gave up being a Crystal Brawler, but Roaracryst cheers him up, so Kouchu continues his adventure.

Kouchu was sent a message to get to the Jarbon Islands, and was drowned in the boat thanks to the hole in th boat, Kouchu and Shauna and Sakuro uses water types to surf to Jarbon Islands. When the crew arrives there, Kouchu explores the islands, which to battle trainers and their battle bases, and Kouchu meets Professor Shari and her daughter, Samantha Shari, and Kouchu and Samantha battled. Kouchu learned that Samantha is a part of the Jarbon Island League. Then, he went to Decolore Islands for the league, beating up trainers in the row, then, defeated the Jarbon champion, Jacob. Kouchu then earns Laxmore's obeyance and went to the Farko region.

Kouchu and his friends made his way to Farko, and calls Shari, but she didn't answer the call. Kouchu was thinking if she was lost. Then, Marcy appeared again and they battled. After losing to Marcy again, Kouchu, Shauna and Sakuro, went to the adventure to explore the Farko region. Kouchu encounters a Mooselette again, and it is able to catch it. Compare the trials Kouchu uses in his young age and now, the day he caught it was better than before, with his Crystal Monster.

Kouchu trains for the league and was busy studying types, levels, and strategy also for the league. Kouchu and his friends found out that the Furious Five are back in the Farko region, and Marcy, too. Marcy is gonna compete in the league, but she lost thanks to the sneaky Laxmore, it breaks her invention by eating the cords. After two days, Kouchu went to the Farko Plateu and competes in the Farko league. He lost 1 match and got Top 16. Kouchu then went on the boat with his friends to Orbon. But the boat was sanking due to the unknown move. The boat was saved by Whooshfish, and the boat got on shore.

Kouchu and his friends went on the Orbon region,

and met a new trainer named Emma. She is unable to start her journey by his dad saying she's a young girl. While Emma's crying, Kouchu told her dad about what being a Crystal Brawler is. Her dad was happy for Emma. When she stopped crying, She is able to start her journey with Kouchu and his friends. With Emma along,Kouchu trains for the league. Kouchu went in the Orbon Conference and competes in the Orbon league. He lost 1 match of the league, which turns out to be Darkon. Kouchu was about to sail to Oregon Region.

Two years later, Kouchu got to the Oregon Region and come to meet up with his friends there. In their adventure in the Oregon region, they met up with Noah and Sarah, the two siblings of the Tuntwink Town Noah and Sarah's Crystal Monster was captured by the Furious Five, and Kouchu saves them, and Noah and Sarah joined him on his journey. Kouchu went to train for the league. After 4 days of training, he went to Oregon Continental and went to the league. After he defeats everyone, there's one more to beat. He was close to winning, but loses to Alan, and got to Top 4. He met Dan, and was able to travel with him to Dandfordon, too. Season 17, two years later, Kouchu was still in Jarbon changing his hair style and wore his new clothes.

Kochu then went to the airport with the crew. Kouchu and the crew was coming to the Dandfordon Region and was ready for more badges. He then met Steven, a 9-year old Crystal Brawler. Steven joins Kouchu because he was impressed by how careful Kouchu was to his weak Crystal Monster. Kouchu recieved achievements and went to the league. He loses to Daniel, Top 8, so he was about to go to Daro region. Before he does, Kouchu waves goodbye to Dan. Kouchu went back to Justpip Town before he goes to Daro.

Kouchu and his friends went to the Daro region and befriended Daisy, his rival-friend, and told him she was a part of the Daro league. Kouchu gots the eight coinse and went in the league. Kouchu defeated the league, but loses against Watashi, which is Top 16. Kouchu lost his soul in the Devil Jin power and suck it in Koukuro bot, then, when it was destroyed, Kouchu's soul returned. Kouchu then competes in the Tower of Life to get to Natalie. All the stones are collected and Kouchu is ready for Natalie.

Kouchu and his friends are sailing to Natalie, but in the middle of the problem in the arc of getting to Natalie. Finally they got to Natalie, they met a brawler Akura, and Kouchu caught his first Crystal Monster:Noroth, and he met Aroku and his sister, Asuna, which Kouchu is known to be best friends to. Kouchu then met Ichigo, and after saving her, he promised to date her one day.


TV Series

List of Crystal Jewels episodes (Season 1-16)
List of Crystal Jewels episodes (Season 17-present)

The current series being brocasted is Crystal Jewels Garnet and Turquoise, so there is no confirmation when Season 29 is gonna air.

Series Season Episodes Til' Til' Original Run North America Run
Original Series 1 60 240 1993-1996 1993-1997
2 120
3 180
4 240
Beyonds 5 300 480 1996-2000 1997-2001
6 360
7 420
8 480
Brawler's Quest 9 540 720 2000-2004 2001-2005
10 600
11 660
12 720
Next Quest 13 780 960 2004-2008 2005-2009
14 840
15 900
16 960
Mental Consions 17 1020 1200 2008-2012 2009-2013
18 1080
19 1140
20 1200
Soul of Legends 21 1260 1440 2012-2015 2013-2016
22 1320
23 1380
24 1440
Garnet and Turquoise 25 1500 1680 2015-2018 2016-
26 1560
27 1620
28 1680


There are movies in each season as of 27 movies in Japan, and 26 in North America. The budget for each movie was $1 (1993-2004), then $2 (2005-present) in Japan, then, in the North America, it was $1.99 (1994-2005), then $2.99 (2006-present).

Movie Movie Title English Title Release Date
1 Thundrai Regenado Thunderai Legends April 14, 1993
2 Kingdom of Survival April 6, 1994
3 Turee Powarasa Three Powers April 7, 1995
4 Silver Legends Silver Legends April 9, 1996
5 Empire Tower Empire Tower April 7, 1997
6 Three Stones Three Stones April 8, 1998
7 2000 2000 April 20, 1999
8 Adventures in the Sky Adventures in the Sky April 18, 2000
9 Night of Trouble Night of Trouble April 4, 2001
10 Suriken and the Jewels Shuriken and the Jewels April 18, 2002
11 Rage Mountains Rage of the Mountains April 18, 2003
12 Rangers Rangers April 19, 2004
13 Time Time April 10, 2005
14 Space Space April 19, 2006
15 Gravity Gravity of Legends April 7, 2007
16 Parcc Parcc April 8, 2008
17 Crystal Jewels: Dark- Gerna vs. Lighuous Crystal Jewels: Dark- Gerna vs. Lighuous April 17, 2009
18 Crystal Jewels: Ligrk- Gerna vs. Lighuous Crystal Jewels: Ligrk- Gerna vs. Lighuous April 9, 2010
19 Tynamous and the Tower Tymanous and Tower April 7, 2011
20 2013 Next Generation 2013 April 19, 2012
21 Seas of Legends Seas of Legends April 23, 2013
22 President of the Future President of the Future April 19, 2014
23 Trip to Travent Trip to Travent April 16, 2015
24 Battle Hireation Battle Hiration December 8, 2015
25 Medtower Chaos Medtower Chaos April 16, 2016
26 Jerukon Turoyama Jerk on Tower April 1, 2017
27 Destruction Destruction of the Orb

September 18, 2017

28 25th 25th the movie January 19, 2018

Full-length specials

The full lenght specials are sequel to the movies.

Thundrai Legends (サンダー伝説 Sandā Densetsu?, Thundrai Stories)

A made for TV special that follows up Thundrai after the first movie.

Crystal Jewels vs Shogumon (クリスタルジュエル対ショグモン Kurisutarujueru tai Shogumon?, Crystal Jewels Crossover Shogumon)

A crossover TV special for the 10th anniversary special featuring the crossover of Shogumon and Crystal Jewels characters as they compete which is a best series.

Yet Another 10th Anniversary Special (さらに10周年記念スペシャル Sarani 10 Shūnenkinen Supesharu?, Further 10th Anniversary Special)

A second TV special that represents the 10th anniversary which Kouvhu and friends flash back to the very beginning.

Mirage of Thundrai's Birth (サンダーイの誕生のミラージュ Sandāi no Tanjō no Mirāju?, Mirage of the Birth of Thunderai)

The TV special follows Thundrai back from the first movie as a sequel.

Master Champion (マスターチャンピオン Masutā Chanpion?)

A TV special represents Kouchu struggles to become a master champion.

20th Anniversary Special (20周年記念スペシャル 20 Shūnenkinen supesharu?)

A TV special represents a 20th Anniversary in 2013.

Normal TV length specials

An Untold Story of Three Crystal Jewels (3つのクリスタルジュエルの未定の物語 3Ttsu no Kurisutarujueru no Mitei no Monogatari?, Three Crystal Jewel's Pending Stories)

A TV Special that follows up to the 3rd movie.

5th Anniversary Special (5周年記念スペシャル 5 Shūnenkinen supesharu?)

A TV special represents the 5th Anniversary

Advanced Kingdom (先進国 Senshinkoku?)

A TV special that is based on the video games.

World Championships (世界選手権 Sekai senshuken?)

A TV special featuring in the 15th anniversary.

Talent Showz (タレントショー Tarentoshō?)

Devil J's Revenge (悪魔Jの復讐 Akuma J no fukushū?, Revenge of Devil J)

A TV-special of origin of Devil J


Together!Winter (一緒に!Winter Issho ni! Winter?)

A TV special for four seasons.

Together!Spring (一緒に!Spring Issho ni! Spring?)

A TV special for four seasons.

Together!Summer (一緒に!Summer Issho ni! Summer?)

A TV special for four seasons.

Together!Fall (一緒に!Fall Issho ni! Fall?)

A TV special for four seasons.

Roaracryst"s 3D Land (ロアの3Dランド Roa no 3 D rando?)

Festivals of Revenge (復讐の祭典 Fukushū no saiten?)

Karaoke Adventures (カラオケアドベンチャー Karaokeadobenchā?)


Crystal Jewels (2018)

A remake for the original series, which have aired first in the US in January 15, 2018.

Crystal Jewels Battle Adventures

Crystal Jewels Battle adventures is a 30 episode series, featuring characters from the anime, or not from the anime, and undubbbed episodes. It was known in Japan as Crystal Jewels Side Stories. The first two shorts were released on 2018 on the official Crystal Jewels YouTube channel, with subsequent shorts releasing through 2018.[13][14]

Go!Go! Super Battle!

Based on the video games, characters featuring Cid-Boy, Koumisa Chuko, Super Ninja, Austin, Eatitwice, Max, and Etes are traveling all as companions. They could take down enemies as they go to the Temple of Life (their goal) to defeat the Grand Ghost to save Alica

Air production

The seasons of the TV series have been separated into DVDs. Each seasons have 5 DVD (12 episodes in each DVD). The budget for the DVD is $1.99 each (from the original series to Brawler's Quest), then it was $2.79 each (Next Quest and up). The TV series aired in 40 countries worldwide in 37 languages. Posters were hanged because people could be advertised by the upcoming series. The TV shoe inspired the video games raking their place. Some episodes have been banned and replaced (with an exception of the rest of the countries) in the US.

The DVDs were released as volumes. The first DVD released on February 1997 in the US (May 25, 1996 in Japan). The TV series is rated TV-PG in every single episode.


Some episodes have been banned due to some adult content. Cut sxenes includes deadly scenes, strong language, mature violence, etc. Kiss scenes have been also cutted until the charactets could be shown kissing. Authors and/or artists have created erotic Crystal Jewels Doujinshi, and fanon ones. Fans of the Crystal Jewels series have created thousands+ of fanarts, and fan animes/cartoons parody.

Making items of Crystal Jewels influence fans to like Crystal Jewels more. When the episode, Sounds Like It’s Rare Stage!, aired, Kouchu have won against Jason, despite that he didn’t win via/ lose in the previous Crystal Jewels league, except for the Jarbon Islands. The critical reception was we don’t know if Crystal Jewels Moon Blade is going to air in Japan or not. The poster said it would be released on February 19, 2018, along with the movie, Crystal Jewels 25th is gonna release around 2018.


Crystal Jewels vs. ShogumonShogumon


Crystal Jewels vs. Pokemon


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