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Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Drama, Extra-terrestrial

The Dragonball Series consists of three shows; Dragonball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT respectively. The anime is an adaptation of the popular japanese manga, "Dragonball" created and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The anime has been telecasted in several countries including India, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong, China etc. Dragonballz has been categorized under the genres of action, comedy, martial arts, drama and thrill. The anime, Dragonball Z, consists of a total of 291 episodes.



When a world renowned martial artist finds a monkey tailed little boy in a spaceship, he adopts the infant as his own grandson and names him Goku. He trains the boy in martial arts until he expires due to an unfortunate accident. One day, the little boy met an adventure thirsty teenage girl named Bulma, the heiress of Dr. Brief, the owner of Capsule Corporation. She is on a quest for the 7 dragonballs which if all collected will call the eternal dragon- Shenron, who can grant any of the collecter's wish. She gets to know that Goku has one of those dragonballs but since he thinks the dragonball contains his dead grandpa, he doesn't want to give it to her. She fooled him by telling that if he accompanies her, he would have a great adventure. Although, she knew that as they both collect six of the other dragonballs, the one with Goku will respond on its own, Shenron will appear, he would grant a wish and the dragonballs would spread all about the earth.

With the adventure begun, the two now go all round the planet. And on their way, they come across several great martial artists and fighters and all the others. Young Goku gets to excell martial arts. They two undergo several instances where they befriend some of the people that they have come across or envy them.

In the end of the series(dragonball), we get to see that Goku is forced to marry Chichi, one of his childhood friends whom he had once promised to wed (thinking of wedding as some eatable).

In the begining of drgonball, Raditz, Goku's older brother arrives the earth and abducts his son with the promise to free him as Goku accomplishes his mission, his destiny. He reveals Goku's true identity as Kakarrot and tells him that he was sent to Planet Earth to destroy it. Demolishing Planet Earth -- Goku's mission to be accomplished! He commands him to follow him and complete his mission for otherwise he wouldn't be returned his son. Then with a team up with Piccolo, the main antagonist of Dragonball, Goku defeats Raditz and heads to his future destiny -- Protect The World!

Goku is revealed all about his past, his present and even future and he gets opportunities to improve them all. As the series progresses, DBZ is bulged with some overrated, extra-ordinary, long lasting encounters between Goku and his allies and the various antagonists. The story-line gains martial-arts as its main genre and the characters are bulked with strength. This strength of theirs is shown to have a never-ending thirst of enhancing itself.--Stripes 09:32, 23 January 2010 (EST)



Goku is the protagonist of the Dragonball series. Being an extra-terrestrial being from Planet Vegeta, he has a tail and extra-ordinary strength.

Goku was sent to planet earth to destroy it so that the saiyans could overtake it. Since there were no renowned warriors on Earth that could possibly cause any trouble for a saiyan child, the mission was appropriate for him. His spaceship, however, struck an enormous rock due to which he lost all his memory. He was then found by an old man called Gohan who adopted him as his grandson. Gohan found him extremely aggressive even as a new born but regardlessly, he continued to take care of him and even passed on his martial arts over to him. Gohan raised Goku with a lot of moral values and love and compassion, his influence gave Goku a pure, forgiving, caring and above all, an innocent heart.

In the first episode of DB, Goku met a genius teen called Bulma who was on a quest for the 7 dragonball which if all collected, would call the eternal dragon -- Shenron, who could grant any of the collecter's wish. She found that Goku had one of those dragonballs but since he was not willing to give it to her, saying that it contained his dead grandpa, she fooled by convincing him to accompany her on a great adventure. Bulma knew that when the other six dragonballs would be collected, the one with Goku will respond on its own and call Shenron who would grant her wish.

Since then, Goku accompanied Bulma wherever she went and helped her through all her problems. Goku was also taught martial arts by Master Oshi in DB and King Kai(south) in DBZ. Though, after having a draw in the fighting tournament against Pikkon in the other world, he and Pikkon were promised training by Grand Kai.

Goku grew up to become a very strong man but as innocent and unknown as he was as a child. As Dragonball ends, we see that Goku marries his childhood friend, Chichi. He had once promised her to do so, thinking that wedding is a yummy eatable. Chichi, a hot headed young woman approached him and remembered him his promise during a World Martial Arts Tournament. Gradually, he fell in love with her and wedded her after a blood-curdling duel with King Piccolo.

He debut dragonballz as the father of Gohan. Gohan has a strong inflict of his father on his personality. He is always dependent on him. Goku loves him dearly and can lay his life on the line to protect him. Although, Goku debut Dragonballz as an extremely powerful man, he hadn't taught Gohan to fight. It was Piccolo who became his first martial arts teacher after seeing his power on the battlefield with Raditz. Gohan always introduces himself as the son of a great person and shows a great respect to Goku. It was seen that during the Great Saiyaman Saga, he told his younger brother, Goten, that their father is more like an angel.

Goku's younger son, Goten probably isn't too close to him. He was born after Goku's death and met him first when he came to earth after about 7 years the Cell Games. It was just one day that he had arrived for and in that one day, Goten fell into a deep likeness towards his father. During the Fusion Saga, Goku was given life by the Old Kai in order to protect the earth from the evil -- Majin Buu. So, as the battle with Majin Buu ends, Goku lives a peaceful life with his family. Gohan gradually marries Videl and has a daughter called Pan. He moves on to another house and Goku lives with Chichi and Goten. Since then, he taught Goten to fight and excel in martial arts. In the final episode of Dragonballz, Goku probably leaves his friends and family to train Uub as his successor. He bids a farewell to Goten, who was with trunks at the moment and tells him to struggle hard and protect the earth as his father.

Goku being too unknown and innocent is mostly thought of as stupid. Vegeta, who has always thought himself to be Goku's true rival behaves comically at times referring to Goku as a clown and always going opposite to him. Vegeta has always had an inferiority complex toward Goku and he admits it saying that Goku, being a low-classed Saiyan is always treated as the savior and guardian when he, although being the Saiyan Prince is treated as the supporting. As Dragonballz ends, Vegeta gradually accepts that he his no match for Goku because his strength is purely invincible.

Goku is basically shown fighting against the evil with his allies. He is always thought of as a savior and protector. During the Frieza Saga, Goku says that it is him who will avenge Frieza for the million lives that he destroyed. He says that he's a Super-Saiyan, a guardian and the light of hope in the dark.

Goku also fuses with Vegeta with Potara earrings given to him by the Old Kai. He had planned to fuse with Gohan but Buu consumed him after Gotenks' time of fusion ended. Goku is frequently shown to be too frivolous. His frivolousness has been a major reason for why the other bothered warriors see themselves inferior to him.. It was during the Cell Games Saga that Gohan, Goku and Krillin were sitting beside a river and Krillin thought how much relieved Goku was. So he threw a stone at him thinking that Goku is so powerful that even with his eyes closed, he's well aware of his surrounding and will respond to the attack without opening them. The stone hit Goku on the face and he groans at Krillin for playing silly pranks at him.

He is very frequently presented in a comic role and can provide a sigh of relief in difficult time, passing on a silly joke in the middle of his fight, behaving too unknown or by acting immaturely. Goku is adored by his allies also for the reason that he is extremely reliable and faithful. He can jump into all sorts of dangers to help the others and can never betray anyone. Goku has been cheated by many of his rivals due to his forgiving and forgetful attitude.

Attacks-: Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Super saiyan1, Super saiyan2, Super saiyan3, Super saiyan4, Fusion, Oozaru Transformation.----Stripes 05:27, 24 January 2010 (EST)



Gohan is the first son of Son Goku and Chichi. Goku named him after his adoptive grandfather. The episode, "Memories of Gohan", showed Gohan lying in his cot and Goku, Chichi, Ox-king deciding his name. Chichi said that she wanted her son to excel academically and so she suggested names as, Einstein, Newton, Galileo but each time she called out those names, Gohan would burst into tears. Then, Goku suddenly interrupted and said that he is feeling hungry and wants some food. Chichi was outraged and asked Goku if Grandpa Gohan taught him any manners, Goku argues by saying that he doesn't know about manners. It was then that the baby grew happy and Ox-king suggested Goku and Chichi to call the baby -- Gohan.

Gohan was encouraged by his mother to study and become one of the premiere scholars. During the Cell Games Saga, Chichi reveals she doesn't want her son to fight and it isn't her individual decision. She tells everyone that at the time of Gohan's birth, Chichi and Goku had decided to keep their words to make him a scholar. Gohan stands to his mother's hopes and becomes an honored scholar.

Gohan debut in the very first episode of Dragonballz. It was so that he was having a walk in the forest and lost his way. Goku and Gohan had to visit the Kmae House for a reunion so Goku searched for him to hurry up for they were already out of time.

Gohan was unbeknown of his powers. He had been over protected by his mother who wanted him to keep away froom all the fighting and stuff. In the first episode of DBZ, Raditz, Goku's older brother arrived earth to remind him of his mission to destroy the earth. As he approached Goku, he saw that he was forgotten about his mission so he abducted Gohan and told Goku that he would be returned his son at one cost i.e if he accomplishes his mission. Goku had no choice for he alone was no match for Raditz.

He then teamed up with is old rival, Piccolo to fight Raditz. Raditz had been very unkind and cruel toward Goku, feeling his daddy's pain, Gohan's anger evoked and he bursted out a serious explosion. Eventually, along with his older brother, Goku died during the fight. Raditz revealed that two saiyan evaders would approach the earth in 2 months time. Having realized the situation, Piccolo abducted the already abducted Gohan and trained him in the woods. It was then that Piccolo and Gohan became good friends, Piccolo gradually became his role model. Eversince, Gohan began to take part in all the Z fights and took his power to an unimaginable level.

He was the wild card for the earthlings when Goku lost against cell during the Cell Games. Goku told that he knew he was no match for Cell. He said that he also knows that the real hero has to be his son this time. He said it has to be Gohan who will defeat Cell, showing absolute faith on his son's powers, he handed over the bag of Senzu beans to Cell, saying that even if he recovers his strength, he'll be no match for Gohan. Gohan didn't know how to react at all this but one thing that he knew for sure was not to give up and let down his father. He told Cell that each time someone pushed his emotions to limits, he gradually outraged and defeated the threat to his life or that of his beloved ones. Learning this, Cell reproduced a pack of Cell Juniors who tortured his friends. Gohan was helpless, he was not able to power upto Cell. Goku realized that he may have been wrong and he shouldn't have had sent his son to the battlefield. Then suddenly, Android #16 approached Cell and told him that he would burst him with the bomb fitted inside him. He clunged to Cell but his bombard didn't work. Krillin revealed that he had heard Bulma and her father say that they removed Android #16's bomb fearing that he might be a threat to Goku's life. Cell punched into his stomach and held his neck giving out a serious blow of energy. Android #16 fell to the ground with his head broken. He then spoke some words of encouragement to Gohan.

Gohan's heart was filled with remorse and his powers evoked. He gradually transformed into super saiyan2. Gohan defeated Cell in a battle of emotions and strength. Eventually, Goku died during that battle and decided to never come back to life. Goku said that he leaves the earth into the hands of Gohan and the others.

Later on, during the Kid Buu saga Goku took over the earth's command. Gohan couldn't fight against Majin Buu due to lack of training. He had nearly lost his consciousness in the first fight against him but Supreme Kai took him to the Kai world to pull the Z sword. Eventually, after training with the Z sword for some time,it broke and the Old Kai jumped out if it. He revived Gohan's mystic powers after some rituals. Gohan gradually became stronger than Buu and defeated in a short duel. Majin Buu, in an attempt to win, consumed Gotenks and Piccolo to become stong and smart. He had perhaps overpowered Gohan. Old Kai then gave his life to Goku to go back to the earth and fuse with Gohan with the Potara earrings. Eventually, Majin Buu consumed Gohan as well when he saw that Gotenks' time of fusion ended. Goku then fused with Vegeta who had been sent to earth as a wild card by King Yama.

Gohan came to be known as the "Great Saiyaman" inhis superhero disguise created by Bulma. He became a superhero because Chichi had warned that if he wanted to friend his classmates at school, he should coceal his strength infront of them. He saw that he can't let someone commit crimes under his nose and so he thought of becoming a superhero.

Gohan later married Videl and had a daughter called Pan. Videl was one of his classmates at the Orange Star High school. As he grew up, he became a scholar and moved out to another house.

Attacks-: Masenko, Kamehameha, Super saiyan, Super saiyan2, Oozaru Transformation.----Stripes 10:38, 24 January 2010 (EST)



Goten is the second and the final son of Goku and Chichi. He debut Dragonballz in the Great Saiyaman Saga in the episode I am Saiyaman. He debut as a seven year old kid greatly resembling his father, Goku. Neither Goten nor Goku was not known about one another. Goten was told that Goku was a legend. But he had never met him. He also knew that it was during the Cell Games when his father gave his own life to protect the earthlings so he respected him. Although, Goku didn't know about his second son.

It was during the World Tournament Saga that Goten first saw his father. He was very excited about meeting him for the first time. When Goku reached the earth for his one day stay, he saw Goten hiding behind Chichi. He asked her who that little Goku was and then Goten ran to him and hugged him tight. Goten had created a strong likeness for his father eversince. When Goku had to leave the earth, Goten held his tears and then Chichi pushed him to hug his father who told him that there is nothing to be ashamed of and he burst into tears.

Goten took part in the 25th World Martial Arts tournament and in that held after the battle with Majin Buu. Eventually, as Goten helped Gohan train for the 25th World Martial Arts tournament, Gohan learned that Goten was already a super saiyan and he knew martial arts very well. So he decided his brother take part as well. In that tournament both Goten and Trunks had to fight one another in the Junior Martial Arts tournament. Goten lost against Trunks because of a trick that he played on him. In the other, Goten was forced to take part. He wanted to go on a date instead. Goten had to fight against Buu andhe won over him but then lost against his neice, Pan. She thrashed him on the cheeek and he fell to the floor getting disqualified. Though, it was clear that that had been a fixed match.

Goten was never forced to do well academically. He was always encouraged to follow his heart and train as a martial artist. Goten was born after Goku's death and since he resembled him to a great extent, Chichi always thought of him as her little Goku. She taught him martial arts. It was very soon when Goten became a super saiyan. He is often referred to as the youngest super saiyan. Altough, it was forbidden for him to tranform into super saiyan. Chichi called him a monster when he first did so and eversince, he didn't dare to transform again.

Being a saiyan, he can be thought of as the strongest Z warriors. He and can quikly develop strong power levels. He has a great grasping power which helps learn things immediately. He is mostly with his best friend, Trunks who is approximately an year older to him. He takes part in all the tricks played by Trunks. He even disguised as Mighty Mask along with Trunks as to enter the Senior Martial Arts Tournament. But they both were caught by Android #18 during the Royal Battle and then the host disqualified them for taking part as a team.

He is has a great likeness for nature and animals. He is very innocent and pure of heart. Goten is very fateful as well and reserved and well-manned alike his older brother.He is a true friend and can jump in all sorts of dangers to help his beloved ones. He is very bold and courageous and always fights for the right.

In order to save the Planet Earth from Majin Buu, Goten fused with trunks in the Fusion Saga to form a powerful warrior as told by Goku. The mighty being called himself Gotenks and he was very proud and confident much like Trunks. Piccolo and Goku had taught them both the art of fusion.

He debut as a seventeen year old teenager in the Kid Buu saga, Episode 288-Granddaughter Pan.

Attacks-: Kamekameha, Totsugekki, Super saiyan transformation, Fusion.----Stripes 04:34, 25 January 2010 (EST)



Vegeta is introduced in the Vegeta saga when he was amongst those aliens who attempted to destroy the earth but unfortunately due to Goku, they were unable to do so. Vegeta was introduced as the Dark Saiyan Prince who arrived on the planet with his companion --- Nappa. They were defeated in a fierce battle with Goku and his friends--KRILLIN, Yajirobe, PICCOLO, Yamcha, Chiatzou, Tien, and Gohan. Vegeta later, in the Namek saga befriended the other heroes in order to defeat Frieza and save their lives.

Vegeta also married Bulma, the heiress of the mighty Capsule Corporation and had a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla. Vegeta has always owned an arrogant, aggressive and selfish atittude towards most of the beings. Trunks was amongst those people who really tried to understand Vegeta but all in vain 'cause like all the others, he too couldn't make it possible though Bulla could even boss round him and dominate him.

Vegeta is always shown to be extremely jealous of the protagonist --- Goku. He has always desired to be far better than him but unfortunately he is never able to even make it upto him by himself. Vegeta has been shown envious with Goku as he was defeated and even forgiven by Goku for trying to overpower the Planet Earth due to which he lost all his self respect. Vegeta had always wished to avenge Freiza for destroying his home planet but Goku came up as the first being to defeat Frieza, and can we forget about Gohan, the older son of the protagonist transforming into supersaiyan 2 and demolishing each and every cell of Mr.Cell so all these incidents have always disturbed the Dark Prince.

Attacks-: Galick gun, Big bang attack, Final flash.--golden girl 06:04, 29 May 2009 (EDT)



Trunks is the older son of Vegeta and Bulma. He is referred to as Future Trunks and Present Trunks due to his influence on the present dragonball world. Trunks was first introduced as a mysterious supersaiyan in the begining of Trunks saga in episode no. 118- The Mysterious Youth. At that time, Trunks came to the present timeline to leave an influence on the unpleasent past. He had created a time machine along with his mother, Bulma. Trunks came to the timeline, thinking that Goku and his friends might want his help to defeat the ultimate villain, Frieza. He was obviously not needed in the fight but was destined to help Goku and impress him. Trunks provided Goku with a medicine that would help him cure his heart virus the mighty warrior would suffer with in future. He told him about the Androids created by Dr. Gero and the daice atmostphere they had left the earthlings in at.

Future Trunks had supported the warriors in their fight against the Androids 17 and 18 and then against Mr.Cell. Throughout his way in at the present timeline, Future Trunks tried to understand his father, Vegeta and create a strong bonding cord of affection towards him. Vegeta was a bit jealous of his son when he saw fight against Frieza but then impressed with his atittude though he was a bit sarcastic towards him. Future Trunks's influence on the present timeline and on his father's brain had definitely created a world of peace.

The Present Trunks was introduced in episode no. 200, "I Am Saiya-man". Present Trunks was premiered as an eight year old young boy who was providided with the toughest training in order to beat up the present protagonist, Gohan. His atittude was a bit different to Future Trunks, a bit influenced by his father instead of his mother. Later, it was revealed that, like his best friend, Goten, he too could transform into supersaiyan. Present Trunks is mosstly accompanied by his best friend, Goten. Goten is a bit more innocent than him but is mostly indulged in all his pranks and plans. They both are enforced by Piccolo and Goku to fuse through the fusion dance to merge and form---Gotenks.

Present Trunks and Future Trunks differ in various parts and the most explicable reason applied is Vegeta's influence on Present Trunks's atittude. Future Trunks was presented as an innocent, humble, polite and a bit mature teenager who had a readiness to fight against evil to provide vicory to the fair though Present Trunks is neither humble nor polite and innocent and has a readiness to face troubles which are most probably 'caused by himself and thus can be denoted as a troublesome, notorious little boy. Future Trunks's atittude was greatly influenced by his mother, Bulma and master, Gohan though Present Trunks's atittude was totally influenced by his father, Vegeta.

Attacks-:Big bang attack, Galick gun.--golden girl 05:44, 29 May 2009 (EDT)



Piccolo is an extra-terrestrial from Planet Namek with a green skin and two antennae over his head. He has super-sonorous ears which can hear from a lot distance. His ears are irresistible to high pitch, shrill voices, as that of a whistle. Piccolo wears a white cape, a white turban and a navy blue dogi with a red belt tied to the waist.

Piccolo debut Dragonball as a part of Kami, the later guardian of earth. He arose from an egg that was spewed out, by Kami when Goku punched on the stomach. Since then, he had been the real antagonist of DB causing a lot of trouble to Goku and all the other earthlings and his near future. Piccolo had been a real menace in a Wold Martial Arts Tournament(Dragonball) and so, when he entered one of those tournaments in Dragonballz(Great Sayaman Saga), he had to lie his name as Ma-Junior.

Piccolo is a very aggressive person with his own consistency and commitments, those he is very obstinate about. He is always presented as a stern, smart and tactical being. He is very mature, sensible and manipulative as well.

He had been almost dieng to avenge Goku for the harassment that he had caused to him by defeating him. In the latter, he sees that there's almost no way how he can possibly defeat Goku or any other saiyan. Although, by then, he had allied the Z warriors. He had become friends with them and as a friend, he didn't want anything form them.

Piccolo debut Dragoballz in the very first episode where he was the foremost warrior approached by Raditz, who was mistakened of him as Kakkarot(Goku) because of his high power levels. Piccolo then realized Raditz' power and in order to rid of this unknown danger he teamed up with Goku to defeat him. This episode -- #2 was called, "World's Strongest Team." In their attempt to save the earth and free the abducted Gohan from Rdaitz control, Goku lost his life. It was during that fight that Piccolo realized Gohan's powers that evoked when he felt that it was his time to help his daddy out of a serious trouble -- his uncle!

Piccolo saw that the little boy might be a big help in fighting the two saiyan evaders who would be reaching the earth after 2 months. So he abducted the already abducted Gohan and took him to the woods to train him up as a warrior. It was then that he began to care about someone. Piccolo had also died in order to protect Gohan during the fight between the Z warriors and Nappa. Piccolo was also said to have a biased opinion about Gohan. It was during the Majin Buu saga when Goten wanted to reach out for Vegeta and Piccolo refuses to let him go there, it was then that the little kid blackmailed him by saying that he was being injusticiable to him for if Gohan had been there in his place, then Piccolo wouldn't have held him as such. Piccolo then lets him free.

Piccolo has always been too worried and thoughtful during fights. It is because of this that he his thought of as too tactical and smart and for the same reason, Majin Buu consumed him along with Gotenks. Piccolo is often presented in a comedic stream where he dislikes Goku's eating habits. Whereas sometimes he is shown to blow of his own trumpet. When he met Nail at Planet Namek, he said that the Namekian resembled him but was not as handsome as he was. He is sometimes referred to as the Strict master because of the way he treats Gohan. He is always disappointed with him and wants more and more of his warrior side. He was also disappointed with Goten and Trunks while they were under his charge. He even thrashed them both for being lazy and told them that it was his "Camp", they had arrived and under his control, noone dares to get dizzy.

At the end of the series, we get to see that the Piccolo who hated Goku's ill-manners had become quite fond of him and his family. Piccolo is now a frivolous, cool Namek with a lot of fans.--Stripes 14:16, 23 January 2010 (EST)


Image:BAL KRILLIN.jpg Image:krillin with hair.jpg

Krillin is one of Goku's childhood friends. He and Goku received training together at Oshi's. He can fall jump into any kind of trouble to help his allies and even strangers. Krillin always accompanies Goku when he has to be on any adventure. He's a comedic relief at difficult times. Sometimes, he acts as a nerd along with Oshi, Oolong and Yamcha. He fights pretty well but with much less confidence compared to any of the Z warriors. Krillin usually babbles something ridiculously stupid during any of his fights. He lives at Oshi's "Kame house."

He had been a bachelor on quest for some some girl friend or probably some wife. But when the Androids arrived the earth, Android #18 approached Krillin telling him to be quite fateful for not having been hurt by her and then she kissed him on the cheek. Eventually, he fell into love with Android #18 ever since. Krillin debut DBZ as a bald man but after having married Android #18, he debut the Great Saiyaman saga with some black umbrella-shaped hair. He was then shown to have a little daughter -- Maron. Maron had been the name of his earlier girlfriend who had left him for a guy offering her an ice-cream. Krillin is not shown as the strongest warrior but he does provide his bit in most of the fights. Along with providing his aid, he is the often spectator and commentator on fights. --Stripes 10:54, 23 January 2010 (EST)


  • Director- Daisuke Nishio.
  • Writer- Lan Corlett, Chris Forbis, Jared Hedges, Gregg Hurwitz, Terry Klassen,Ward Perry, Christopher Neel, John Burgmeier, Neal Walk.
  • Producer- Daniel Cocanougher, Barry Watson.
  • Executive Producer- Cindy Brennan Fukunaga, Gen Fukunaga.
  • Animator- Jonathan Vought.
  • Editor- Daniel Cocanougher, Daniel Mancilla, Byron Watson, Jonathan Vought, Moises Vega.
  • Asisstant Editor- Jeremy Jimenez.
  • Animation Editor- Carly Hunter, Jonathan Vought,Byron Watson .
  • Sound Recordist- Moises Vega.
  • Sound- Rob Crang.
  • Dialogue Editor- Trevor Smith, Gina Mueller, Tim Bavis.
  • Recording Assistant- Trevor Smith.
  • Asisstant Engineer- Chris Farley.
  • Recording Mixer- Gina Mueller.
  • Production Coordinator- Diana Gage.
  • ADR- Brian Thomas, Justin Cook.
  • Studio- Toei Animation.



Narrator, Gohan(Adult).


Goku, King Kai.


Gohan(Kid & teen).


Goten(Kid), Videl, Uub.




Vegeta, Kami, Zarbon, Yamcha, Piccolo, Shenron.


Trunks(Kid), Dende(Kid).










Chiatzou, Puar.


Dende(Adult), Majin Buu.


Master Roshi, Yajirobe.


Android 17, Garlic Junior.


Dr.Gero, Supreme Kai.






Android 18.






Majin Buu.





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