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Final Fantasy is a video role playing game series produced by Square Enix. The series has spun off several games, anime series, and movies as well. It is considered to be the best selling RPG series in the world.



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The first Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy, was originally released in Japan on December 18, 1987. This game was the work of the designer Hironobu Sakaguchi. He chose the name Final Fantasy because he had planned to retire when he was finished. Inspired by the very popular Dragon Quest game published by Enix, Final Fantasy proved to be very popular as well, and Sakaguchi did not retire after all.

Sakaguchi stayed on as director for the subsequent games in the series until Final Fantasy VI (1994), when he stepped up to a producer/designer role instead.


There have been games under the Final Fantasy title for many game systems, including NES, SNES, Playstation, Playstation 2, PC, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Gamecube, XBox 360, MSX2, Wonderswan, and several mobile phones.

The Final Fantasy games in the numbered series are not actually related to each other in story. There is no connection between the worlds in any of the games, despite some common character names, enemies, and themes.

The most common characteristic of the Final Fantasy games is the in depth story and character development. Quite often, there are complex relationships developed between several characters. This gives all the characters a sense of realism, and will frequently get players attached to them.

Outside of the classic numbered series, there have also been a number of other series and spin-off games that appear to follow a different theme and often a different play style.

Television and Movies

The Final Fantasy title has been applied to:


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