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Jusenkyo the training ground of Cursed Springs, is from the manga/anime series (Ranma ½). Located in China, near an Amazon village, the Cursed Springs are just that-- cursed. If a living thing falls into one of the springs, they take the shape of the thing that drowned there. The curses can be reversed temporarily, however- slashed with hot water and the original shape will be resumed, slashed with cold and the curse is activated.

Examples of Jusenkyo Curses

  • Saotome Ranma, the series' 16 year old main character, fell into the Spring of the Drowned Girl. He turns into a teenage girl.
  • Saotome Genma, Ranma's father, who is cursed with being a Panda when splashed with cold water. In animal form, he uses wooden signs from Hammerspace to communicate.
  • Shampoo, a young Chinese Amazon, who has been searching for Ranma and claims to be his fiancee. She turns into a purple cat.
  • Mouse, a male Amazon in love with Shampoo, fell into the Spring of the Drowned Duck. He maintains his glasses even in avian form.
  • Hibiki Ryouga, Ranma's self proclaimed rival who's catch phrases are "Where am I now?" and "Ranma, prepare to die!", is afflicted with the form of a small black piglet. He has been almost-cooked, chased after, and become the pet of the youngest Tendo daughter, Tendo Akane, in that form.
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