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Hey Regex, my AIM is Star111861. My gmail is my user name. Contact me either way. ~ Flyer27


a few questions

what do you think about ...

  1. ... adding links to fansubs for the anime and OVAs etc? I know there can be problems with copyright and stuff, so im asking. I know that e.g. AnimeNFO has links to fansubs, however they might have some extra thing in their disclaimer. just tell me what you know about it ^^
  2. ... adding links to places where you can order the title of the article (especially mangas)? I have amazon in mind, but there are other (professional) services. That way, interested people can directly look at the shop pages when they are interested. I'd think its a good idea, so please tell me whats your opinion ^^
  3. ... ecchi / hentai anime and manga? i mean, theres not really a clear line between the two. so how would you like to handle titles like Onegai Teacher, Bible Black and the likes?


General Template

I know we were talking about what should be put up here, I proposed a format on the To-Do-List page. Flyer27


I was trying to tweak it, but I'm not familiar with the script you're running. :)

The only issue that I can still find is that it isn't showing the other publisher. It's in the raw, but not in the submitted version.


Also, are we making pages for the Mangaka as well? I don't think linking to wiki would be acceptable, but I'm not really sure on anyone's views on this...

Thanks in advance!


Well, if you want to talk more and have Y!IM, I'm blackenthynight(invisible)...

But I am willing to donate all of the spare time I have until at least Christmas. :) I'll also talk to some of my internet buddies and see if they're willling to help a bit..

I already have quite a list of anime/manga I'm going to add or add to...

I can add the manga ka as well..

I'm going to assume that magazines such as Shonene Jump, Shojo Beat, Lala, etc are approved, as well? If so, I'll get on those, too!

The following template needs to be tweaked, I think.

  • Infobox animanga/Other

I tried to use it and got the same raw html/css/something that I'd gotten with the first header. :)

Thanks for creating such an awesome site!!!

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