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Welcome to Animepedia

Welcome to Animepedia. We've been getting more contributions lately, but we still need more! There are many placeholder articles that need to be written into full articles.

To get started browsing, feel free to use the search box to the left, or browse the Index.

If you are interested in contributing, please check out the Posting Guidelines. Don't be afraid to create something if you don't have all the information. Just put in what you know, and follow the guidelines as best you can.

Please keep in mind, we are trying to avoid being an exact copy of Wikipedia's anime articles. The idea is to be a better resource on anime than Wikipedia is, not to replicate what they have. We all know that we can't get up there immediately, but we need you to be creative, and write your own information.

As a result, if we do catch you directly copying Wikipedia, we will offer you some warnings first, but overall, if it does not stop, we will have to block you from contributing. Thank you for understanding!

User Names

For the frequent posters on Anime Forum who like to make use of the Username change feature, just be aware, if you change your name, your contributions will no longer be attributed to you. Regex 14:20, 25 January 2007 (EST)

Animepedia needs you!

A Wiki is only as good as its contributers make it, so especially as we are just beginning this project, we need article writers to help build this site. When you are logged in, you will be able to edit any page to add in whatever input you can provide. We can't grow without your help! I can't stress this enough, do not be afraid to contribute, even if you don't know everything.

This is all very new, and you will find many links to empty articles. I've opened up a To Do List for myself, to remind myself of bugs that I still need to fix. If you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to add them there. I'll make sure to get to them.

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