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  • Always check if your proposed article has already been created (this includes alternate titles and spellings)
  • An animepedia article should include all relevant information to understand the article This does not have to be added all at once, contributing what you know is more than appreciated
  • Articles that contain information that is outside of the content contained in the anime/manga should be referenced.

Anime series

Anime articles should include (but are not limited to) the following information:

  • The infobox should be first for formatting style. (Go here to understand how to use the infobox)

- All fields in the infobox should be filled to the best of your ability.
- Title, representative picture, countries aired or released in, etc,

  • In the first paragraph

- Title (kanji and romanji and/or English translation)
- Author/writer
- Production company
- Release year (first air date is good too)
- Quick plot summary (no spoilers) which should be no more than a paragraph

  • Section 1 (signified with == Section Title ==)

Character Summaries
Characters should have a kanji and romanji and/or English translation of their names
If applicable, the voice actor/actress should be stated as well as the English actor/actress (other languages should be stated in character pages if they exist)
Main characters (===Subsection Title===)
- A general summary of each main character how they fit into the story, try not to post spoilers on the main page
- These characters will probably have enough information to warrant their own page, otherwise a single page can combine all of the main characters with more information. Spoilers are fine on these pages, but remember to give the spoiler warning.
Minor Characters
- A general summary of each minor character, and their general relation to the main characters (again, avoid spoilers on the main page)
- This section can also be split into obvious categories for the characters, given enough information each of these groupings can have their own page (which should first describe the group as a whole before describing the individuals)
'For example': Naruto Characters could be split into Leaf, Sound, Sand, etc. Each of these pages could have subsections for Jounin, Chounin, etc.

  • Plot Summary

- If spoilers have been sufficiently avoided to this point, a spoiler warning may (but doesn’t have to be) added here.
- The summary should be thorough enough to cover all major plot points
- A separate page may be made for the summary with enough information (a plot summary that takes over a regular screen height is a good measurement)
- Given obvious breaks along season lines and a sufficient length of each plot explanation, the summary page may be broken into seasons with a page for each.
- Should the anime/manga plot be absurdly long (Inuyasha style) with no obvious season breaks and large amounts of information in each season, it can be broken into arcs and each of these may have a page. This would work well for animes whose arcs are distinct from one another (for example Higurashi)
- There should NOT be a plot summary page for each episode.
- If there is (an) extra page(s), try to keep the plot summary on the main page from containing too many spoiler details. It is important, however, that the beginning, progression and end result of the anime be stated (making spoilers unavoidable in this section).

  • Episode List

- A list of episodes can be given in a table
- List number, name, English name (if available)
- Break these up by season if it seems appropriate
- This section can also have its own page should the anime be longer than 2 seasons (52 episodes)

  • Release Information

- A list of the released media (DVD’s and episodes on each, dates, sound tracks/songlist/dates, games/release dates/systems)
- This information can be given here for as many countries as is applicable
- If there are additional countries, include the licensing company for each country

  • Anime specific concepts

- Concepts that are important throughout the entire anime (Bleach: hollows) that aren’t based on common knowledge
- Given large amounts of relevant information these can have their own page
'Avoid this as much as possible'

  • Openings/Endings

- A list of the openings and endings (most of these have lyrics on, which can be referenced using the quick reference template)

  • Staff Not Yet Mentioned

- Should there be important additional staff not mentioned in the infobox, they can be added here

  • Additional Information

- Any trivia or information not stated above that might interest viewers of this show should be put here.

  • References

  • Links

- A link is usually added to anime galleries so users can get an idea about the art style for the show.
- Including a link to the official page (in both Japanese and English if possible) is a good idea

Character Pages

These should only be used if there is too much information to put them on the main page or a subpage (i.e. main characters)

  • Infobox: the character infobox should be first, with name, translations, picture, anime, voicing talents

  • General summary:

- Which anime the character is from
- Grouping is applicable (Naruto is a part of the leaf ninjas)
- A few sentences about what the character does and any important relations to other characters. -
- seasons in which the character appeared, should they not be present for all of them or possibly the episode in which they first appeared (if it is not the first one).
- There shouldn’t be any spoilers.

  • Pre-show life

- Spoilers begin here
- Include any events that happened in the pre-show life that affect the characters actions in the anime

  • Life in Anime

- The first paragraph might contain characteristics held by the character throughout his/her appearance in the anime (age, appearance, profession)
- If these change once or twice both can be stated or use hyphens: Age: 18-21
- Include only important events that happen to the character or events that drastically change the character’s actions and decisions. This shouldn’t be a complete plot summary.
- Include important relationships that are started, ended or developed with other characters
- Try not to include spoilers for other characters

  • Character specific weapons/attacks/special objects

- If a weapon or attack becomes relevant to the plot
- Is used consistently by the character (in at least a few episodes)
- only a FEW details about this weapon or attack

  • Additional Information:

- Information not given above can be listed here

  • References

  • Links:

- A link to the Anime Galleries page for that character is generally useful so the character can be recognized in different contexts (such a page does not always exist)

Character Groupings

No infobox exists

  • General Information:

- Information about the group as a whole
- If it’s an organization: age of organization and founder if possible and umbrella organizations
- Purpose of group if available

  • Group Specific Information

- Group specific equipment/attacks/etc
- Post only a FEW details

  • Individual Characters

- Image
- Tables can be used to give the information that would be in infoboxes otherwise
'This might become a template'
- character pages for information that could be useful
'Try to limit this to important and relevant information'

Anime specific concepts

These should generally be avoided and included in main page and character/group specific pages first 

Include a useful image that illustrates the concept/ability/attack

  • General Information:

- The anime in which it is used
- What it does
- Principles/reasons it is relevant to the anime

  • History:

- Background of the concept/etc. should be here

  • Usage:

- How it is applied to the world in which the anime takes place and the affect it has on the characters

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