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Animepedia To Do List

This is the place where I add technical issues that I need to fix. If there is anything you notice, feel free to add it here.


  • Watch for username bugs
  • Create a Introduction and Wiki user guide
  • Create various other administrative pages
  • There should be an option for 'Index' under the heading 'Navigation'. Otherwise you have to go to main page then select 'index'.
  • You should really fill in the 'Help' section.

General Template

I think it would be helpful if we have some kind of universal way of organizing the page for an anime series, manga, movie, etc. Furthermore, I'd like to propose that the Bleach page serve as template for the time being until we've figured more stuff out.


The general format for redirects can be found below: Create a page for the title from which you will redirect, put this at the top.

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