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Bakuman is a shounen manga series by written by Oba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takashi. It is their second project together, their first being the hit Death Note. It is published in SHUESIHA's Weekly Shounen Jump magazine.



Bakuman follows the story of Mashiro Moritaka, a artist prodigy who had given up on art and decided to live a normal life, and Takagi Akito an eccentric young man from Mashiro's school, who wishes to work on a manga with Mashiro has his illustrator. Hesitant toward the idea, Mashiro eventally agrees to work with Takagi after impulsively proposing to his crush Azuki Miho, on the misunderstood condition that he would have to create a manga series popular enough to become animated so that Azuki could become the seiyu for the main female character.


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