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Death note is a japenese anime series originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The series centers in a high-school student called Light Yagami, who happens to see a book titled "Death Note". When he opens it he reads the first rule "The person whose name is written in this note shall die". At first Light doesn't believe in the authenticity of the book, so he tries it with a criminal that appears on TV, who dies exactly 40 seconds after Light writes its name there. This way Light acknowledges its authenticity, and the actual story starts to unravel.


Yagami Light (Kira): The main character in this anime. A top notch student in his class, who happens to come by this "Death Note". When he finds it, he starts to kill criminals to rid the world of the filth in it. Wanting to become the "God" of a new world, and later is given the name kira from the english word "Killer" Not being able to solve this case they turn to L (a well known detective who's true identidy is unknown)

Ryuk: The shinigami (death god) who throws this Death Note into the human world. After Light finds it, Ryuk finds himself tied to him, and starts to witness all what Light does.

L: The top-rated detective, tasked to arrest criminals like Kira. As such, he is Light's arch-enemy. He often takes drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his opponents. On several occasions he has willingly disclosed several of his weaknesses to Kira at the risk of his own life in the hopes that he would lure him into a trap.

Misa Amane (second kira): A super model that has a huge crush on Light. She's very immature and people normally call her air headed. She stated that she fell in love with light at first sight. But light sees her as an asset to his plans for her eyes (the shinigami eyes).

Ending: When Light goes insane, he gets shot in the leg. He stumbles home, and on his way, thinks about L's death and starts to cry. There is limited time to those who use the power of the Death Note, and Light wanted to dispose of it before his death. Light's time ran up before he could get to the top of the stairs, and he dies there.

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