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BECK is a shounen manga series by Harold Sakuishi, which began a monthly publication in 2002. It has since reached 30 volumes, each comprised of three 45 to 60 page chapters.



Tanaka Yukio lives the ordinary and dull life of a highschool student. Because of the strange dog named Beck, Tanaka meets a young man named Minami Ryuusuke, a friend of Eddie Lee, guitar player for the world famous rock band The Dying Breed. Ryuusuke seeks to form the greatest band in the world, and seeing his work, Tanaka takes up playing the guitar. In his search for band members, Ryuusuke sees talent in Tanaka and is persuaded by his younger sister, Minami Maho, to allow Tanaka into the band. Together, Ryuusuke, Tanaka, Chiba Tsunemi, Yoshiyuki Taira, and Yuji Sakurai form the rapcore band BECK, and from the bottom of their small town, they face many hardships and trials as they try to take on the world with their music.


Tanaka "Koyuki" Yukio

Minami Ryuusuke

Yoshiyuki Taira

Tsunemi Chiba

Yuji "Saku" Sakurai

Minami Maho


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