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Hokage, meaning The Fire Shadow, is the term given to the head shinobi of Konohagakure in the anime and manga series Naruto.


List of Hokages

Shodai Hokage

The First Hokage, the founder of Konohagakure, The Second Hokage's brother and the grandfather of Tsunade, The Fifth Hokage. It has been revealed in the manga that he was the leader of the Senju Clan, which was one of the most powerful clans in his era. He was known for being able to use Mokuton (The Wood Element), which is not one of the Five Basic Elements, and hence can not be used by anyone else.

Nidaime Hokage

The Second Hokage and the brother of The First Hokage. He was also the teacher of The Third Hokage. The Second Hokage was known for his advanced water-element jutsus, even in a place where there was no water.

Sandaime Hokage

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The Third Hokage, he is the first Hokage introduced in the series, as well as the ruling Hokage for the majority of the first story arc.

Yondaime Hokage

The Fourth Hokage lost his life before the story of Naruto begins, when he sealed the Kyuubi into a newborn boy, Uzumaki Naruto, in order to save the village. He is said to have been the strongest of the Hokage.

Godaime Hokage

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The Fifth Hokage, also one of the Sannin, is found by Uzumaki Naruto and Jiraiya to become Hokage after The Third Hokage sacrifices his life attempting to defeat Orochimaru.

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