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Kouchu Misako
Crystal Jewels series
First appearance Crystal Jewels Go!
First game CrystalZeni:Defeat Her
Created by Maruko Jinko
Designed by Garuko Joshida (Seasons 1–12)
Hidoshi Shayama (Season 13-28) (Season 29–present)
Voiced by English

Kate Ukona (Seasons 1–4)
Shauna Jones (Seasons 5–9)
Lily Jameson (Seasons 9–12)
Emma George (Season 13)
John Silver (Seasons 14–16)
Dan Natajin (Seasons 17–19)
Max Bayman (Seasons 20–26)
Steven Gray (Season 26–present)
Billia Kunyards (Movie 28–present)
Rebi Ushaki (Seasons 1–4)
Aka Noashaka (Seasons 5–9)
Shonen Noko (Seasons 9–12)
Oro Nota (Seasons 13–15)
Gorudon Rokui (Seasons 16–27)
Satoshi Yatamono (Season 27–present)
Rica Gatomisa (Movie 28–present)

Kouchu Misako (Japanese:コウチュ Hepburn:Kouchu) (/'kaʊtʃuː/;[kowtɕɯː]) is a fictional character of the Crystal Jewels series created by Maruko Jinko. He is the main protagonist in the Crystal Jewels anime and manga series, as well as various merchandise followed by Demogames and Gameguys. He is loosely based on his video game counterpart, which have the same name, and the player of Crystal Jewels, Crystal Jewels 2, and Crystal Jewels Advanced Kingdom.

In Japanese, Kouchu was voiced by various Japanese voice actors. In Japanese, he was voiced by Rebi Ushaki for the Original Series. In 3 Farko Arc, he was voiced by Aka Noashaka , then Shonen Noko for the Advanced Adventure seried and Oro Nota for the No Quitting! series, but he stopped at season 15 of the series, so Gorudon Rokui voices Kouchu from the rest of the No Quitting! to the Garnet and Turquoise series then Satoshi Yatamono took over for the remainder of the series.

In English, Kouchu was voiced by various English voice actors. He is first voiced by Kate Ukona from 1993 to 1997, then in order, he was voiced by Shauna Jones (from 1997 to 2001),Lily Jameson (2001 to 2005), and Emma George for Season 13. John Silver would take over (2006 to 2009),then Dan Natajin (2009 to 2012) and Max Bayman (2012 to 2017). in Garnet and Turquoise, since Season 26, Kouchu is voiced by Steven Gray.

The name Kouchu came from his video game counterpart. The character's first official game appearance was "CrystalZeni", which was release in Japan. Since the Crystal Jewels anime, which ran since January 6, 1993, have an average of 1,707+ episodes, Kouchu appears in all the episodes, all the films, and several specials.

Kouchu is one of the recognizable characters of the early '90s, since his state is a protagonist. He is also considered a major pop icon character for Japanese pop culture in the United States. Despite this, he has been largely criticized for being stuck in a 'floating timeline,'

Kouchu, as a main character, wants to become the title, "The Master Champion of the League", with the help of his pal, who is a popular characters of the 90's, Roaracryst. Like any other characters, such as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, Goku from Dragon Ball, and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Kouchu would fullfill his dreams. Maruko Jinko once stated, "The best character of Kouchu suits the series so well, taking role of the role!" kouchu, which is the main character of the Crystal Jewels series, who always dreamed into becoming a Master Champion of The League brawler. On his beginning of the journey, Kouchu received his first Crystal Monster, Roaracryst. Kouchu's long-time rival is Marcy Kimensho, who always travels and win against him, but Kouchu won't give in it. Kouchu is one of the default name options for the 1993 game, Crystal Jewels. Like the game, Roaracryst was recieved by Kouchu, the player.

Kouchu is one of the most popular young anime characters in the 1990s, which he wore all different kinds of outfits all these years that made him iconic, especially the Original Series.


Concept and Creation

The creator, Maruko Jinko wants the anime on the franchise based on the video games, so he would make the game player character, Kouchu, into his anime counterpart. Maruko Jinko decided to change Kouchu's whole appearance so he wouldn't make his game counterpart the character of the anime. Garuko Joshida initally overseen Kouchu's design, and his iris gets bigger in Brawler's Quest. Kouchu has larger blue irises in Next Quest. Garuko Joshida wanted to change the hairstyle of Kouchu to make him more familliar, and Kouchu worn a red headband every series, featuring the color of the circle of the flag in Japan. After Season 16 (Next Quest), Hidoshi Shayama, a designer since Season 13 (which he took Garuko Joshida's place after he retires to start designing series Dungeon Explores) decided to change Kouchu’s hair although he changes his mind against having Kouchu’s original hair in Season 17. So Hidoshi change Kouchu’s hair-- both sides long, and a big, fuzzy part at the back. At the beginning of ‘’Moon Blade’’ series, Hidoshi Shayama decided to change Kouchu’s hair again , now to short rather than having his long hair in the Moon Blade series. Maruko Jinko have kouchu to have a last name to deprive his personality and future physics.

The character development will summarize the creator’s idea, which Kouchu’s last name, Misako, means skillful and courage, which fits Kouchu into this personality. Originally, he was concepted to be called “Kelvin”, but Maruko Jinko stated, “Isn’t the name, ‘Kouchu’ better? It fits his design!”. In the 25th anniversary movie, Kouchu was redesigned in his original design, remade for the Crystal Jewels 25th Anniversary.

Kouchu Misako, the name unlike his last name, was taken from the playable character's in the Crystal Jewels (1993) video game, and the slogan (as of Garnet and Turquoise, and Moon Blade revived) for the series, "Every Crystal Has a Power!".

Also, like the games, Kouchu Misako and Marcy Kimensho (Shinsho in the Japanese version), based on their video game counterparts, are rivals, but their rivalry gets somewhat stronger the fact that Marcy has over numerous of Marukas. Jinko stated, " I know Kouchu has a possibility of becoming who he is on the inside and out.".


Every series, Kouchu has light peach skin and blue eyes and his hair is always blue. Always wearing his red headband every series, Kouchu made a few outfit changes.

In the Original series, Kouchu wore a blue jacket and a indigo jeans. He also wore a green T-shirt and white socks, and Cerulean-and-Red-colored shoes. In the Beyonds series, Kouchu's outfit hasn't change that much, but he wore a different kind of shoes: a yellow shoe with a black, giant "z" on it. In Brawler's Quest series, Kouchu's outfit hasn't change that much, but he wore a different kind of shoes: A orange shoe with a white line on it. in Next Quest ,Kouchu's outfit have changed- a yellow and red jacket and some blue jeans, along with a red T-shirt and black and blue shoes. From Mental Consions to Natalie Quest, Kouchu now wore a sleeveless blue shirt and a pale yellow pants and also wore a white scarf, and white and black shoes. In Moon Blade, Kouchu wears a short sleeved jacket with colors of red on one side and blue on another. He wore a jeans pants which is indigo.

Voice acting

In Japanese, Kouchu was voiced by various Japanese voice actors. In Japanese, he was voiced by Rebi Ushaki (season 1 through 4, 1993-1996), although her voice was possible for Kouchuin Japanese, though she voiced him in the movies (1-5), and retires. Since the fifth season, he was voiced by Aka Noashaka (season 5-8, 1996-2000), and she voiced him in the first 8 episodes in Brawler's Quest, season 9, then after she retires, Shonen Noko took over till' season 12(season 9-12, 2000-2004), and retirez. Oro Nota (season 13-15, 2004-2007) voiced him since Next Quest till' Season 15, however, he can't continue because he experience mental problems, so Gorudon Rokui (season 16-27, 2007-2017) took over until season 27 (Garnet and Turquoise, 2017),then retires, then Satoshi Yatamono does Kouchu (season 27-present, 2017).

In English, Kouchu was voiced by various English voice actors. He is first voiced by Kate Ukona (season 1-4, 1993-1997), her voice was deeper in the first few episodes, and retired, then in order, he was voiced by Shauna Jones (season 5-8, 1997-2001),and she voiced him in the first 8 episodes in Brawler's Quest, season 9. Then, after her retirement, Lily Jameson (season 9-12, 2001-2005) took over till' season 12, and retires. Emma George (season 13, 2005-2006), who just voiced Kouchu in season thirteen of Next Quest,but died in a violent car accident and John Silver would take over (season 14-16 2006-2009) and retired,then Dan Natajin (season 17-19, 2009-2012), and he retires, and Max Bayman (season 20-26, 2012-2017). in Garnet and Turquoise, season 26, Bayman retires and Kouchu is voiced by Steven Gray (season 26-present, 2017).'


Kouchu shows teamwork and respect, and some honor and won't turn back for people who are in trouble, but for Marcy, Kouchu doesn't give any honorship and respect because they are rivals, Marcy wants to be friends with Kouchu, and rivals too, because Marcy always want to versus Kouchu, but Kouchu won't let her because she is disrespectful, and despite the different relationship, their rivalships gets stronger and stronger. Kouchu travels with a group of his friends to stop bad guys such as the Furious Five, Cheeta Girls, and Marcy, from making trouble around the world. Kouchu's friends once cheered for him for all the hard work he did in the past and present, but they are glad for Kouchu to become a master champion of the league someday. Kouchu met his Kouchubot and was able to use it in big stuff, anyway, Kouchu doesn't need his Kouchubot all the time, but needs it somehow so it can be the part of his help. With the help of his Roaracryst, Kouchu will save the day.

In the first episode, Roaracryst won't obey Kouchu, but earns Kouchu's trust after the battle with Sakuro from stealing the Crystal Monsters. Kouchu was eager to catch more Crystal Monsters, but he barely caught some. Kouchu learns all his efforts, especially in the Garnet and Turquoise saga, but when the saying comes true, he will try again. Even though teamwork was about working as a team, Kouchu will make the most of it.

In every episode, Kouchu was very kind to his Crystal Monsters and taking very good care of them, getting them strong, and play with them. Kouchu's manga counterparts have different personalities from him, such as his Kouchu's Quest counterpart, he is more crybabyish than his anime counterpart, and his Crystal Jewels MiniZ counterpart is selfish and sometimes rude, and his Crystal Jewels GT counterpart is rude and mean.


Kouchu and Roaracryst have been best friends ever since the start of Kouchu’s adventures. They are very loyal to each other, and they won’t let go if they are in trouble. When Kouchu and Roaracryst first met, they didn’t get along, but from tough times through easygoing lives, Kouchu and Roaracryst are here for each other.

Kouchu also made friends over the series, which they are in order: Shauna Genga, Sakuro Himensho, Emma Gorajin, Noah Kimesha, Sarah Kimesha, and Steven Jakoshu. In Natalie, his friends are Akura, Alan, Mahuna, Tetsu, Alica, and Ruby, Emerald, and Topaz. In Moona, Shu is his friend. He is also friends with Garnet and Turquoise and Dustin Withness, also, his mentor, Professor Shari, and Sidekick Boy and Bob.

Kouchu is the third child in the Misako family, and a son of Masari Misako, his mother and Kisho Misako, his father, and his sisters are Teromani Misako and Gina Misako, and his brothers are Satoshi Misako and Maturi Misako, and Hishio Misako was never seen in the series, which is Kouchu’s oldest brother. It is revealed that his grandparents are never seen in the series.

Kouchu have feelings for female characters in the Crystal Jewels anime, such as a sweet, dark-hair girl Danelle Mysena, a heart-making purple hair Iriah Huseo, A kind-hearted red hair Bella Kuseka, and currently a sweet-hearted Ichigo Musaki. Kouchu share his love to each of these female characters over the series, which he had romantic feelings with them, especially with Ichigo.


In the anime, Kouchu travels around the Crystal World, solving mysteries, catching monsters, earning badges, and following his older brother's footsteps into becoming a masterchampion of the league, and he encountered obstacles and Furious Five, especially Marcy following him because for Furious Five, they want to steal Roaracryst, and Marcy wants to beat Kouchu.

Prior to the show

Kouchu was born in Justpip Town in tne Jarbon region. He was a third child given birth by his mother and father. His brother, Hishio left on his journey after it's birth.

In episode 3 of the fifth season (Crystal Jewels: Beyonds), Mooselette Goes Around Town, It is revealed at his young childhood, Four years later after his birth, Kouchu was led outside to play. He sawed a crystal ball and stole it, and saw a Mooselette. Kouchu wanted to catch it, so he threw his first crystal ball at it, and it popped out of it. Marcy appeared and started to snatch the ball out of Kouchu's hand, and they fought over it, then Mooselette attacked both of the kids.(That is how Kouchu and Marcy became forever rivals). Marcy's parents let Marcy go to Kouchu's house, but several times Marcy argues and fight with Kouchu. She is also hurting him as well. She got in trouble everytime she hurts Kouchu, and sometimes her parents catches her.

In episode 28 of the twenty-eighth season (Crystal Jewels: Garnet, Turquoise, and Amethyst), Ferry in the Daro, it is revealed that two years later in his childhood, Kouchu enrolled to the Jarbon Darika Day Camp, and found a young girl named Ichigo being chased by a Tracat. Kouchu gets the sticks, and scares it off, and Ichigo thank him from saving her.

In episode 20 of the tenth season (Crystal Jewels: Brawler's Quest), Sakuro's Revenge, It is revealed that One year later of his childhood, Kouchu got another crystal ball, this time, he was about to catch it, then, Sakuro snatch it and Kouchu fell in the river. Birdo snatch him and land him to safety and Sakuro and Kouchu fought over who needed it.

In episode 9 of the twenty-ninth season (Crystal Jewels Moon Blade), Noon in the Moon, it is revealed that Kouchu have graduated at Jarbon Clevergreen Elementary School at third grade and the month before he became a Crystal Brawler. For his reward for his graduation, he received a red headband from his father.

In the anime

Kouchu starts his journey at age 9
Kouchu's debut in Crystal Jewels GO!
Kouchu's debut in Crystal Jewels GO!
in Justpip Town, believing himself as a crystal bralwer. Kouchu went out and professor Shari gave kouchu the Roaracryst. Their first battle was with Sakuro Himesho,another 9-year old who stole all the Crystal Monsters from the lab and they are returned and stopped the Furious Five, an evil organization contains Julia, Kathern, Genuan, Hiyon and Katie. Kouchu meet new friends like Shauna Genga (Shanji in the Japanese version), a 9-year old girl) and now Sakuro. While on his journey, he met Marcy Kimensho a 13-year old, and her Marukas, which is now a crystal brawler who made all the brawlers' Crystal Monsters faints. Since being stopped from causing chaos in Jarbon in the eighth episode, Marcy the Genius, she never stop causing chaos in the Crystal World. They put their rivalry aside in Crystal Jewels Adventures in the Sky to team up to get Skylee Krown, and again in the Garnet, Turquoise, and Amethyst episode, "Finding Marbles and Gems" and following. Then, he met people like Gerido, who is in charge of the tower in Pure Village. He battle Sakuro's brother and he earns his first gym badges, then Sakuro was impressed at Kouchu's battles, so they became friends. Kouchu encountered obstacles of the Furious Five's steps, and of course, Marcy, in his journey. He met Dustin Withness, who lost in the gym, and after he heals, he trains Kouchu for his second gym badge.

Before he competes in the league, he was bored, so he did several things, Kouchu's mom ordered him to buy her the fethers, and Kouchu catches some Crystal Monsters during the training of the league. After three days of training, Kouchu then enters the league and competes in the league later in the season. First, in the first round, he defeated Kinney, and then in the second round, he defeated Ralph, and for the third, he beats Wally, and is ready for the fourth. After he beat the rest of the Crystal Brawlers, his final opponent is Marcy, and cheats by using her Marukas and using fake weapons, but that doesn't effect some of Kouchu's Crystal Monster. Marcy then won against Kouchu, and she have to face the last champion. But she lost to that champion. After the league, Kouchu gave up being a Crystal Brawler, but Roaracryst cheers him up, so Kouchu continues his adventure.

Kouchu was sent a message to get to the Jarbon Islands, and was drowned in the boat thanks to the hole in th boat, Kouchu and Shauna and Sakuro uses water types to surf to Jarbon Islands. When the crew arrives there, Kouchu explores the islands, which to battle trainers and their battle bases, and Kouchu meets Professor Shari and her daughter, Samantha Shari, and Kouchu and Samantha battled. Kouchu learned that Samantha is a part of the Jarbon Island League. Then, he went to Decolore Islands for the league, beating up trainers in the row, then, defeated the Jarbon champion, Jacob. Kouchu then earns Laxmore's obeyance and went to the Farko region.

Kouchu and his friends made his way to Farko, and calls Shari, but she didn't answer the call. Kouchu was thinking if she was lost. Then, Marcy appeared again and they battled. After losing to Marcy again, Kouchu, Shauna and Sakuro, went to the adventure to explore the Farko region. Kouchu encounters a Mooselette again, and it is able to catch it. Compare the trials Kouchu uses in his young age and now, the day he caught it was better than before, with his Crystal Monster. Kouchu won with his new badge with his Mooselette, although they work together, Kouchu catches new Crystal Monsters such as Droponout and Flameme.Using the new Farko Crystal Monster he got, he challenges for the second gym badge. Then he met the Furious Five, and they build the Fivebot to steal Roaracryst, although their new invention, and Marcy built a Marukabot to defeat Kouchu with, but Kouchu, along with his friends, stop the robots from making trouble. Kouchu trains for the league and was busy studying types, levels, and strategy also for the league. Kouchu and his friends found out that the Furious Five are back in the Farko region, and Marcy, too. Marcy is gonna compete in the league, but she lost thanks to the sneaky Laxmore, it breaks her invention by eating the cords. After two days, Kouchu went to the Farko Plateu and competes in the Farko league. He lost 1 match and got Top 16. Kouchu then went on the boat with his friends to Orbon. But the boat was sanking due to the unknown move. The boat was saved by Whooshfish, and the boat got on shore.

One year later, Kouchu and his friends went on the Orbon region, and met a new brawler named Emma Gorajin (Hirodana in Japanese version), a 9-year old. She is unable to start her journey by his dad saying she's a young girl. While Emma's crying, Kouchu told her dad about what being a Crystal Brawler is. Her dad was happy for Emma. When she stopped crying, She is able to start her journey with Kouchu and his friends. With a new companion, Kouchu and the crew keep the world safe then encounters the Furious Five again, and Marcy and Marukas, Emma helps Kouchu make the most of it by her crystal monsters doing the tricks. He meets new rivals like Bob (Kaguna in Japanese), and Crystal Dude (Ayashin in Japanese), and Sidekick Boy (known as Stephan, Shun in Japanese). Kouchu then encounters the Plazma Five, and he and his friends dress up in a Plazma Five disguise. As Plazma Five, Kouchu met the real Plazma Five, and they were able to trust them. Once their outfits looks crooked because of the earthquake, Kouchu revealed his true identity, and his friends too. Plazma Five realized that they are Crystal Brawlers, and they were defeated. After the Plazma Five problem, Kouchu earned his fourth gym badge in Sariken City. Kouchu then realized Marcy appeared in the Orbon region to have a vacation villa there, but to earn badges instead. Kouchu later meets agents like Arthur Light (Amorikun in Japanese), and Elizabeth Yorki (Shashi in Japanese), and Garica Coni (Nakanini in Japanese). Kouchu, Shauna, Sakuro, and Emma found themselfs in the cave of origin and they were captured by the H.E.R but the robot called the Kouchubot and defeated H.E.R. With Emma along,Kouchu trains for the league. Kouchu went in the Orbon Conference and competes in the Orbon league. He lost 1 match of the league, which turns out to be Darkon. Kouchu was about to sail to Oregon Region. Kouchu was about to sail to Oregon Region.

Two years later, Kouchu got to the Oregon Region and come to meet up with his friends there. In their adventure in the Oregon region, they met up with Noah Kimesha (Shinoshan in Japanese version) and Sarah Kimesha (Kimeka in the Japanese version), the two siblings of the Tuntwink Town Noah and Sarah's Crystal Monster was captured by the Furious Five, and Kouchu saves them, and Noah and Sarah joined him on his journey. He caught some crystal monsters in this region, which his first one is Talap, and most of the time, it walks out of the crystal ball and travels with Kouchu. Marcy decided to trust the Furious Five and became a tool for the Furious Five. Instead of becoming a regular Crystal Brawler, she became a villian brawler to make crystal monsters faint. The Galaxy Five uses their plans to stop Kouchu and his friends from sneaking in their territory. Later, Kouchu found out Marcy was a tool used for the Five. Parcc was captured to die, and Kouchu and the crew saves it, first they unlock the web, and saves Parcc from the death of hallows. Team Galaxy keeps hold of Kouchu to kill the stone. Kouchu breaks out of the cell and stops them. He was able to go compete in the Crystal Jewels Sumer Camp. In the Crystal Jewels Summer Camp, Kouchu and crew then was access to attend to sports and competitions. Kouchu went to train for the league. After 4 days of training, he went to Oregon Continental and went to the league. After he defeats everyone, there's one more to beat. He was close to winning, but loses to Alan, and got to Top 4. He met Dan, and was able to travel with him to Dandfordon, too. Dan travels with Kouchu, Shauna, Sakuro, Emma, Noah, and Sarah to the final round of the Oregon cup, which Kouchu and Dan won one final round. It is time for the crew to seperate and say goodbye for now, so Kouchu and Roaracryst got caught up with the Furious Five again, but then, Dan have saved him, and Dan decided to go to Dandfordon too. Two years later, Kouchu was still in Jarbon changing his hair style and wore his new clothes.

Kochu then went to the airport with the crew. Kouchu and the crew was coming to the Dandfordon Region and was ready for more badges. He then met Steven Jakoshu (Akungigi in Japanese version), a 9-year old Crystal Brawler. Steven joins Kouchu because he was impressed by how careful Kouchu was to his weak Crystal Monster. Marcy appears in Dandfordon, so does the Furious Five, and powers up their robot, but Steven's crystal monster broke it, just like Emma did seasons ago. Kouchu then defeated the Bridge Brawlers and and he met Dan, which travels to Dandfordon with him. They battled and they left, wishing each other to see them again. After that, Kouchu went for the fourth badge, then, visits the Master Tower. Kouchu saves all the gods from the evil god, and the Master Champion God earned his trust for saving his god and gave him a Master Champion of the League Bracelet, but he said he can't use it yet. He have to stop Plaza and Guriza from destroying the Tiroku Tower. However, Kouchu got on hold because Guriza was using him for his plans. Tencoat saves Kouchu from Guriza and defeated them, along with Plaza. Tencoat now earns Kouchu's respect. Kouchu earned the sixth badge from the Ten Gym. Kouchu then met Marcy and he found out that she caught about 1,000 Marukas because she would let them help her to defeat Kouchu and the world, with the Maruka Army. Kouchu and his friends defeated the Maruka Army, and his first victory against Marcy, won't let his guard down because the Maruka will be out of luck in no time. Kouchu got the seventh badge and met Professor Shari's daughter from several seasons ago. Kouchu and Samantha Shari went to the cave of thunder to explore fossils. But when Roaracryst accidently shock the fossil, Cavoniour stole Samantha, Kouchu went to rescue Samantha and defeat the Cavoniour. After Samantha left, Kouchu earned his final badge, and went to the league. He loses to Daniel, Top 8, so he was about to go to Daro region. Before he does, Kouchu waves goodbye to Dan. Kouchu went back to Justpip Town before he goes to Daro.

Kouchu and his friends went to the Daro region and befriended Daisy, his rival-friend, and told him she was a part of the Daro league. Kouchu then got to Shari's lab and he was given a New CrystalDex. He heard the conversation of two people talking about Parcc returning to the Crystal World. After that, Kouchu met again with Marcy, and was shocked that she caught over 5,000 Marukas to help her to win over Kouchu. Kouchu and his friends defeated the Maruka army and saves the world from the Marukas. The Furious Five uses their robot to steal more Crystal Monsters. Kouchu steps up to save the day with his new Crystal Monsters.went to the Shinkal Tower. He defeated the Shinkal Masters and recieved the hearts stone, which he can enter the "Tower of Life" Tourament. After that, Marcy was a part of the Tower of Life Tourament. Kouchu gots the eight coinse and went in the league. Kouchu defeated the league, but loses against Watashi. Kouchu lost his soul in the Devil Jin power and suck it in Koukuro bot, then, when it was destroyed, Kouchu's soul returned. Kouchu then competes in the Tower of Life to get to Natalie. All the stones are collected and Kouchu is ready for Natalie

Kouchu and his friends are sailing to Natalie, but in the middle of the problem in the arc of getting to Natalie. Finally they got to Natalie, they met a brawler Akura (Fugifugi in Japanese version), and Kouchu caught his first Crystal Monster:Noroth, and he met Aroku, Garnet, Turquoise and his sister, Asuna, which Kouchu is known to be best friends to. Marcy decided to create little minions called the "Chetta Girls" to do bad stuff in order for the Marukas to suceed. Then later in the series, Kouchu met siblings Alan (Nachiro in Japanese) and Mahuna (Ashungina in Japanese). Later in the season, Kouchu was given a Rottobigin from the famous scientist, Dr.Max, Kouchu's science idol. Kouchu went in the Shuriken Gym and lost to Bella thanks to Marcy's trick, Bella trusts her. Marcy sends the Cheeta Girls to sink Kouchu and crew in water. Then Kouchu told Bella Marcy was wrong and she lied. Bella was able to trust Kouchu. So Bella rescued Kouchu and his friends and rematched, which this time, Kouchu won the fourth badge. Unlike previous seasons, Kouchu is suffering his struggles and challenges as a Crystal Brawler with controlling Rottobigin. He notoriously display a drop of skill and competemcet, and regresses back to a beginner, relearning many ways of Crystal Monsters. He somehow learns nothing about the Rottobigin and have trouble finding his ways, and predicting for his own future.

Kouchu then met Ichigo, and after saving her, he promised to date her one day. Kouchu met his Crystal Monsters that was with Professor Shari, and plays with them. They teamed up to defeat HER because they drowned the Natalie Fury. Kouchu refix the Natalie Fury and was given a Sphere Gold. Kouchu then enrolls in the CrystalTech Class of Enfication (CTCE for short), which trainers can have their powers communicated with Crystal Monsters. Kouchu then learn what was to communicate with Crystal Monsters and learning a Natalian Language. However, the Natalian Language doesn't help with it's communication, but with Kouchu's new powers with his Crystal Monsters form a Rottobigin, a strongest than their normal forms and Kouchu and Rottobigin combine their powers to make a new symbol.

Learning six techniques, Renu, Genushu, Jaruko, Harika, Ketchu, and Dechachu, Kouchu understands and was able to defeat Devil Jin Jr. Kouchu then countinues his adventures in the Natalie Region. Earning 8 medals, he defeated Jaru. Kouchu and his friends were on their way to Orb Island. They discovered Amethystim, and Roaracryst was able to find garnets, turquoises, and amethysts around the lair of Twogarnetisim and Twoturquoistisim. But he was attacked and he, Kouchu, Shauna, Sakuro, Emma, Noah, Sarah, Steven, Akura, Mahuna, and Alan fell in the Orb Five's traps to harm them. The crew finally met Amethysim, but there was a big destruction, and once the Cheetah Girls combine all three Crystal Monsters into one, with Parcc involved, the Crystal Monster turns into a steel creature. Roaracryst and the team teams up with the Marukas once again to get the card from the CrystalInvestor. In the following episode, Roaracryst and the team starts to fight one of the steel creature's henchmen. Due to the electric cars and shuriken card being exposed by Devil Jin and/or Puppet Sakuro, Roaracryst and Crystal Monsters are caught by Tyro, a evil scientist who created the steel monster and his plans is to conquer all the Crystal Monsters in order for them to take over the world, using his destruction power, "Vacuum-Portal of Death". Roaracryst was surrounded with Kouchu by Tyro's robots, and his goal is to track down Amethyst to kill him. Roaracryst flashes a powerful Shuriken at Tyro, and when Tyro gets his revenge, he forced Kouchu to hand over the Rottobigin Card. When Kouchu denies it, Tyro held Kouchu for his plans for destruction. And once he doesn't follow his commands, he will be the next person to take Kouchu's live soul, just like Devil Jin did in the previous series. It was going to be the end of the world because of Tyro. He took Kouchu's Rottobigin card and lock it in his Fusion Dimension. Without the Rottobigin card, Roaracryst won't be able to stop Tyro from taking over the Natalie Region and the Orb Islands. Kouchu sets himself free, and defeated the monster and saves the world. They say goodbye to Asuka, Tetsu, Alica, Asuma, Aroku, and Turquoise because Asuka is going to Farko to enter the league champs and Alica and Tetsu is going to get married in the Oregon region, and Asuna is going to Farko, and Alan and Mahuna went to pick a starter Crystal Monsters. Kouchu went back to Justpip Town to spend time with his family and friends before he goes to the Moona region. His mother received the package from Professor Shari for Kouchu, stating that Professor Shari is curious.

Now a matured adult, Kouchu turns 20 and went to Moona region with his friends. One of Professor Shari's professor companion, Professor Kusaiku took her place and work on research for Crystal Monsters. Kouchu went to explore the Moona region. First going to the Moona Center, Kouchu meets his friends and Ichigo, then a 20 year old named Shu, a Crystal Jewels researcher. He became Kouchu's companion to discover more Crystal Monsters. Kouchu registered for Moona, responding in his BrawlerStats that Kouchu is Level 1, and Kouchu didnt need to earn medals- but to earn different types of tokens and level up in order to challenge the Level 100 League Challenge then, Ichigo joins him. Kouchu have beenparticipating in challenges, and met Moskust, a star of the Moona League. In the series, Kouchu have met a crew of rivals: a loyal Asobi, a fun-loving, young Rinata, A crystal-brawling-loving Paruno, Picture-taking Bonica, Old, mature Renora, the smart Isabea, a brave, serious Rian, bad Bio, and the eating Eatario. Kouchu and the crew have met an all-star champion, Taroku, and all the Crystal Monsters in the Moona’s star films. Kouchu and Roaracryst have been dragged to be on TV as talk-show guests. But however, things goes awry once when Cheetah Girls returns with their Marukas, and the film is saved by U, an pedestrian and musician in the Moona region.


Medals Obtained

Kouchu got 8 medals in Jarbon, Farko, Orbon, Oregon, Dandfordon, Daro, and Natalie region. He also achieved 6 Stones of Life.

In Jarbon, Kouchu haves Rock Medal, Thunder Medal, Whirl Medal, Dark Medal, Incide Medal, Incrous Medal, Unicycle Medal, and YaYa Medal. In Farko, he has Uncy Medal, Fire Bage, Grass Medal, Water Grass, Ice Medal, Dragon Medal, Lois Medal, and Yan Medal. In Orbon, Kouchu has Advent Medal', Rioullus Medal, Kick Medal, Drack Medal, Wind Medal, Help Medal, Urious Medal, and Roaracryst Medal. In Oregon, he has Dargon Medal, Eroch Medal, Jarco Medal, Gentel Medal, Yanzel Medal, Yuer Medal, Svartar Medal, and Rocker Medal. in Dandfordon, he has Genger Medal, Rockus Medal, Fossil Medal, Tyrous Medal, Uncy Medal, Abricus Medal, Genser Medal, and Uncycle Medal. In Daro, he received Tartar Medal, Yatzen Medal, A Medal, B Medals, Red Medal, Blue Medal, X Medal, and Y Medal. Kouchu also gained the Lifes: Life of Fighting, Life of Trust, Life of Kind, Life of Teaming, Life of Life, and Life of Love. in Natalie, he has Flying Badges, Ghost Badge, Fight Badge, Shuriken Badge, Icer Badge, Water Badge, Grassy Badge, and Jank Badge.

In Moona, he obtained a Fire Ring (Lv05), and a Water Ring (Lv10).

Tourament Statuses

Kouchu have the following tourament rankings: Runner-Up in Jarbon, Top 16 in Farko, Top 8 in Orbon, Top 4 in oregon, Top 8 in Dandfordon, Top 16 in daro, and Top Runner Up in Natalie. The following people Kouchu loses is to: Jarbon League:Loses to Marcy Kimensho, Runner-Up; Farko League:Loses to Kennel, Top 16; Orbon League:Loses to Darkon, Top 8; Oregon Region:Loses to Alan, Top 4; Dandfordon Region:Loses to Daniel, Top 8;Daro Region:Loses to Watashi, Top 16; Natalie Region:Loses to Harubi, Runner Up; Loses to John, Runner-Up; Wins to jaru, Champion.


Year Award English Awards Company
1993 ベストアートワーク/デザイン Best Artwork/Design LogicKids; Anime News
1994 最高の映画アニメのキャラクター Best Film Anime Characters LogicKids; Anime News
1995 ベストキャラクターの衣装 Best Character Outfits LogicKids; Anime News
1996 ヘッドバンドのベストキャラクター Best Characters with Headbands LogicKids
1997 ベストスピーチのキャラクター Characters with Best Speeches LogicKids
1997 ベストスキルのキャラクター Characters with Best Skills LogicKids
1998 1993年に導入されたベストフィクションアニメキャラクター Best Fiction Anime Character introduced in 1993 LogicKids
1999 ベストアドベンチャーの選択 Best Choice of Adventure LogicKids
2000 ベストアニメキャラクター Best Anime Character LogicKids
2001 冒険的なキャラクター Adventurous Character LogicKids
2002 最高のキャラクターロボット Best Character Robot LogicKids
2003 ベストヤングアニメキャラクター Best Young Anime Character LogicKids
2004 ベストヒーロー Best Hero LogicKids
2005 グレートコンパニオンとのベストキャラクター Best Character with Great Companions Game guys
2007 グレートハーツのベストキャラクター GameGuys
2009 好きな小児フィクションキャラクター GameGuys
2011 好きなゲームのキャラクター GameGuys
2012 最高のヘアスタイル GameGuys
2018 ベストフィット GameGuys
2018 最高のカップル(with Ichigo Misako) GameGuys

Critical reception

In Garnet and Turquoise Episode 1505, a female blue-hair character named ichigo Musaki has a crush on Kouchu, influncing fans to imagine the couple and their future. Kouchu and Ichigo are a couple, until Kouchu reveals his love on Ichigo to his companions. Once Kouchu saves Ichigo again from Red Kouchu, the two characters share their first kiss. There are several more kiss scenes in the series. But, they were cutted until the characters were decided to be kissing. Kouchu and Ichigo were a pair because Maruko Jinko stated “A girl would be in love with kouchu, and Kouchu’s changing and growing for a time being. I want Kouchu and Ichigo to be boy and girl-friend because once characters have appearances in common, they are most likely to compare.

Since episode 38 of the twenty-fifth season ("Bind, Fuse, and Brawl!") , Kouchu was able to merge all of his Crystal Monsters all into a “Rottobigin”, a final form gained from the Crystalpod device, which was also used in the Annual Tourament in episode 51 of the twenty-eighth season, using the Moon Star Bracelette to transform Rottobigin to Moonobigin. But the battle got big it turns back to Rottobigin.Maruko Jinko stated once more, “Rottobigin is a powerful Crystal Monster of all time. That’s why Kouchu turns all of his 6 Crystal Monsters into a powerful, big, Rottobigin.”

In the book "Animefication of Anime" cited Kouchu as an example of identication. Additionally, influenced the character's growth and development over the anime series. KCF listed Kouchu ninth as Best Child Characters in Anime, and listed him seventh in Coolest Wigs and Hair in Television.

In the video games

Kouchu's original game appearance is CrystalMini, where he is one of the main NPC characters. Kouchu appears in Defeat her, The Object, and Battle Party". In Defeat herand Battle Party".

Kouchu will also appear in Gameguys Infinity 2018 as a cameo in the background stage as Roaracryst's companion. He will appear in different costumes and outfits from the movies and the episodes of the series.

Since Kouchu is based on his game counterpart, he is one of the default names in Crystal Jewels and Crystal Jewels 2. Kouchu and his anime counterpart compared, they both look different as time went by. Marcy Kimensho (Shinsho in Japanese), also have a last name, like Kouchu, and based on her video game counterpart. Also, Sakuro Himensho is based on his video game counterpart. Rather than the three traveling together, Marcy was replaced with Shauna Genga, and Marcy aside, caught over numberless of Marukas.

In Crystal Jewels, Crystal Jewels 2, and their remakes, a character very similar to Kouchu (his video game counterpart) appears as a playable character as well as in cameos in Crystal Jewels 3, Pakular, their remakes, Advance2, and Garnet and Turquoise.. The anime re-imagined Kouchu as his anime counterpart, the same way it re-imagined Kouchu's rival Marcy and Sakuro as their anime counterparts. Although they are counterparts, they are not the same characters because they originate from different canons and thus developed from different experiences. Though Crystal Jewels 2 has certain plot aspects that were inspired by the anime series, the player character is still named Kouchu

Printed Adaptions

Kouchu appears in Kouchu's Quest, Roaracryst Tales, Next Quest, Crystal Jewels MiniZ, New Crystal Jewels MiniZ, and Crystal Jewels GT. He suddenly briefly appears in Crystal Jewels Doujin, Kajino no Subete Gato, and Crystal Jewels Stories.

In Kouchu's Quest, Kouchu's journey was based on Jarbon until the Jarbon Islands arc. Kouchu was mostly traveling by himself and travels with Sakuro and Shauna sometimes. In Roaracryst Tales, from the creators of Hiroshi Ukunoshadi, the chapters were based on several anime episodes. For Next Quest have the same way Roaracryst Tales have been adapted from the anime. In Crystal Jewels GT, Kouchu, unlikely from the anime, looked different. His manga counterpart from GT have darker hair, short hair, and wears unalike outfits. The pre-epilogue shows that Kouchu and Ichigo got married before their anime counterpart does.

In Crystal Jewels MiniZ, and New Crystal Jewels MiniZ, Kouchu appears in several and multiple times in the total of 18 chapters. In Crystal Jewels Doujin, Kouchu was a subtle version of the main character, but he was imagined as kouchu from the anime. In Kajino no Subete Gato,Kouchu was called "Asuku", the alternative counterpart of Kouchu; and Crystal Jewels Stories has Kouchu as a cameo.

In other media

Although not parodied quite as frequently as the franchise mascot Roaracryst, Kouchu still has many parodies and appearances in various other media, ranging from an unofficial fan-made film to several representations in web media, including many parodies on YouTube. He also have many appearances in fan-made doujinshis and hacked-games.

Kouchu appears in other series other than Crystal Jewels. He suddenly appears as a cameo in Cidz. he mostly made appearance in the Shogumon series.

In the ‘’Shogumon’’ anime, ‘’Switch at Twitch’’, Kouchu made his first brief cameo appearance. In the episode ‘’Eatitwice’s Depression’’, Kouchu was shown again as a cameo. In the Shogumon’s and Crystal Jewels 10th Anniversary’s TV Special, ‘’Crystal Jewels vs. Shogumon’’, Kouchu and his companions and Mike and his companions compete in which is the best franchise. In the ‘’Shogumon League’’ manga, which is based on the Shogumon video games, Kouchu made another brief cameo appearance. Kouchu made another brief appearance shown in the photo of ‘’Shogumon Dark and Light’’. In the ‘’Lego Adventure’’, the character is Couch Misap, a blatant parody of Kouchu Misako. Couch appears in “Crystal Jewels No!”. Another appearance he made was The Minecraft Show!, ("Zombie's Day Off"), starring Kouchu (in what appears to be a loose parody of his Next Quest outfit) and Roaracryst. And also, in Mii Island of the Gods, Kouchu made another appearance in the episode “Crystals and Jewels”. Another appearance Kouchu have made is Gameguys Infinity animated, which Kouchu is called Kouch Misack, which he is in episodes 12, 20, 55, 72, and 80. In Super Ninja Episode 204, Super Ninja was referenced as Kouchu Misako as the character with blue hair. In Roblox Animated, Kouchu was called “Couch Misock” in “Crystal Jewels Grow”. In X-Tam (Ekusu no Tame in Japanese), Turigato Yariba (Tim Yellins) was talking about the “character with blue hair and blue jacket”, referencing the character Kouchu. In Cidz, Kouchu was imagined from his game counterpart. In Parodic World, Kouchu have made another appearance.

He also made several appearances in segments of the show, ZingZing Zero, including "Crystal Jewels Dreams" and "Roaracryst vs Zero". Kouchu also features in a AnimeToo Short segments called "Rad Rally Roaracryst", and " Crystal Jewels Unofficial". Kouchu then appears in Nerd City in the episode, "Nerdacryst", along with parody of Roaracryst, Shauna, Sakuro, Marcy, and the Furious Five. The title itself is a reference to character Roaracryst. In PoopToons, a mini-series features Kouchu and his companions in a cheesy parody.

On merhandise, Kouchu have made appearance as a toy, figure, etc. He was also appeared on ‘’Legos: Crystal Jewels’’, ‘’Tomy Crystal Jewels Battle Set’’, and ‘’BlockZ:crystal Jewels Topez’’. There are collectible figures in Japan for the 25th Anniversary, which is a total of 8 figures representing 8 series in the Crystal Jewels anime. The figures are the Kouchu Misako set with a Roaracryst per figure inbox, and was set to be sold in Februrary 2018 and expired in December 2019. Kouchu have appeared on cards, reimagined him as his anime counterpart. Kouchu have appeared in several millions of clothings.


Kouchu have at least 90+ Crystal Monsters to him (without 30 Fishkarn and 20 Pioneers:40). He also have 80 medals won so far. Kouchu also encountered over 79 Crystal Monsters (and also 129 Crystal Monsters). These calculations were recorded at the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Crystal Jewels. There are many age differences in the series, which Kouchu was 9 (Original Series), 10 (Beyonds), 12 (Brawler’s Quest), 15 (Next Quest), 17 (Mental Consions), 19 (Souls of Legends, and Natalie Quest), and 20 (Moon Blade). Kouchu have been also most likely to achieve his dream.Kouchu uses his powers for Crystal Monsters to become strong. Stone 2: Glows blue, and uses the Crystal Monster's secondary attack. Stone 3:Glows Red, and uses Crystal Monster's thirdinary attack. Stone 4:Glows green, and uses Crystal Monster's fourthly attack.

In ‘’Go! Go! Super Battle’’, the character, Koumisa Chuko, based on the video game character, Kouchu, was borrowed of his name reassembled from Kouchu Misako, which is bold in first and normal in last name: Kouchu Misako (Koumisa Chuko). Koumisa was called that because he is based on his game counterpart, and the game counterpart was imagined as his anime counterpart and the anime counterpart's name was borrowed.

In Crystal Jewels Zenerations, there are several references about Kouchu. In the episode, “The Secret Scroll”, Sakuro told the warren that Exxagoris was owned by Kouchu. In “Snow Storm”, Shauna told the village kids her adventures with Kouchu and the crew. In one of the episodes, Kouchu was imagined as his anime counterpart.

Marcy Kimensho, Kouchu’s longtime rival, was colder and crueler than her video game counterpart. She is good companions with Furious Five (became between protagonist and antagonist) especially with the evil minions, the Cheater Girls and Cheetah, with all their Marukas working together to rid of Kouchu and his friends. The rivalry of the two brawlers as Crystal Brawlers since Marcy the Genius, the ninth episode of the Crystal Jewels series. Kouchu hates Marcy, and Marcy always tell Kouchu that he is nasty, ugly, stinky, a liar, etc. and that makes Kouchu angry at her. Marcy and Kouchu never have been friends, and Marcy always prove that she is the strongest in the world.

On January 10, 2018, the Garnet, Turquoise, and Amethyst episode Return of Rottobigin (ティロの復讐! コウチュの最終フィニッシュ Tiro no fukushū! Koichi no saishū finisshu!?, Tyro's Revenge! Kouchu's Final Finish!) faced controversy from fans when Kouchu and Rottobigin mastered a "Mega-Move" to Tyro's Crystal Monsters, which Kouchu mastered the big move, "Z-Riken Fury XYZ", which Kouchu's Rottobigin was powerful than any Crystal Monster, and even powerful than Kouchu's Kouchubot, the robot version of Kouchu. The ShanonX company argued that "Rottobigin should be banned from the anime" because they think it is too powerful it almost explodes the Natalie Region with the intense blow. On all TV Database the episode became the most shocking rate of episodes of the entire anime.

Cultural influence

Kouchu Misako is still at least the popular character today. In the World Greatest Anime Records 2018, Kouchu was listed No.12 in the “Top 25 Best Male Anime Characters in their series”. Also, he was listed No.8 in “Top 29 Best Anime Hair”, No.3 in “Best Blue-Hair Anime Characters” in that position. Kouchu Misako was drawn, designed, and acted by other fans other than Maruko Jinko. They create fanarts, doujinshis, animated parodies, bootleg video games, fan novels, and stories.

Of course, Kouchu in his Original Series design was redesigned for the 25th anniversary. One time, fans and more fans compares Kouchu and his game counterpart and contrast them. Knowing for the resolution, Maruko Jinko stated, “I think Kouchu (from the anime) isn’t the bad character at all. And he have interesting moments according to his past”. The statement Jinko made suits the idea of the popularity of the Crystal Jewels series. Then, Kouchu Misako would be noticed and be looked back all these years since 1993.

“Within that ‘Every Crystal has a Power!’, Kouchu has the power to save the Crystal World. When we look back all these years of Kouchu, we realize one thing-- a master champion is a master champion of the league”. The character have big plans into being a master champion, which is absolutely, Kouchu Misako.

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