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Ritsuko Kawai is the author of a small children's picture book novel, The Adventures of Hamtaro and Other Stories. She is the artist of the picture book. She also drew and wrote the manga of Tottoko Hamutarou.


Ritsuko Kawai was born in Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan in March 3, 1964. She had attended Kyoto Saga University of Arts, and moved to Tokyo, Japan after graduation, seeking her fortune as a manga/picture book artist. Her first and only series, Tottoko Hamutarou, was eventally created. And since 1997, has been serialized in a Japanese magazine. The Tottoko Hamutarou anime series is based on her creation, about the adventures of a golden hamster named Hamutarou.

Her Hamutarou books have sold over six million copies in Japan.




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