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Sakura Kinomoto

Character Introduction

Sakura Kinomoto is one of the most popular anime shoujo characters. She is the main character of the series Cardcaptor Sakura. The series itself is very famous and on many awards. The story introduces her as a very cheerful young 10 year old girl with an athletic character. One she was wandering in her father's library when she accedentally saw a wierd book. So, our cute heroine curiously opened it and was surprised. After opening it, many cards from inside flew away because of a very strong wind. Not knowing, Sakura also awakened the guardian of the cards from his very long sleep. Only one card was left and entitled as "The Wind." Being responsible for what had just happened, Sakura accepted the responsibility of being a cardcaptor. She was given a magical "key" that holds the power to capture the cards. Her journey began as a cardcaptor with the help of Keroberos [Cereberus in english Cardcaptors, the guardian of the cards. Later in the story, she met more characters that will support her in her journey.

Character Profile

Name: Sakura Kinomoto

Age: 10 years old

Birthday: April 1

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O

Address: Tokyo, Japan

Mother: Nadeshiko Kinomoto

Father: Fujitaka Kinomoto

Brother: Touya Kinomoto

Husband: Li Syaoran CCS

Child: Syaoran Tsubasa Chronicle

Other Relatives:

Tomoyo Daidouji (second cousin)

Sonomi Daidouji (first cousin)


Cardcaptor Sakura

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle





>making pastries, cakes and desserts

>sports (any)

Dislikes: ghosts

Fav. Food: omelette

Fav. Color:

Fav. Subject: P.E. -> Gym Class

Disliked Subject: Mathematics


>she can see the future through her dreams

>guardian of the cards


a] Li Syaoran

b] Daidouji Tomoyo

c] Fujitaka Kinomoto

d] Nadeshiko Kinomoto

e] Touya Kinomoto

f] Yukito Tsukushiro

g] Clow Reed

h] Eriol Hiragizawa

i] Kahou Mizuki

j] Ceruberus

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