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Shaoran LI is one of Sakura Kinomoto's classmates and consequently her rival in gathering all the the Clow Cards. A descendant of Clow Reed himself, he possess and can wield his own magic unlike Sakura who only draws the powers of the cards she already collected.

Syaoran had a first appeared in Cardcaptor Sakura anime episode 8. Actually, Syaoran hate Sakura in first meet. He really want to collect all of Clow Card. He and Meiling, his fiancee, go to Japan and school in TomoedaElementary School.

Syaoran have a feeling with Sakura. He really loves Sakura. He always jealous if he saw Sakura closer with Yukito. Syaoran also hated Kinomoto Touya, Sakura's big brother.

Syaoran tell his feeling to Sakura after Sakura had change all of Clow Card into Sakura Card. Sakura, confused and run after know about Syaoran's feeling.

In last episode, Syaoran back to Hong Kong and received a teddy bear from Sakura.

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