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TSUBASA: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (sometimes known as Tsubasa or Tsubasa Chronicles) is an increasingly popular anime and manga series by CLAMP. The manga series were serialized by Shōnen Magazine from 2003 to 2009, with 28 volumes. The anime adaptation of the series were released during 2005 and 2006, and it consists of two seasons.


Plot Summary

In another world, Syaoran and Sakura live very different lives from each other. Sakura, the princess of the kingdom of Clow, and Syaoran, the son of an archaeologist, are best friends. One night, Syaoran checks on the ruins he has been excavating and sees Sakura standing on a symbol in the ground of the ruins, strange wings formed from her back. Sakura is unresponsive and a mysterious force lifts her and begins to pull her into the walls of the ruins. Syaoran managed to save her before she was engulfed, but not before the feathers of her wings are scattered across worlds. Yukito, the High Priest of Clow, quickly realizes that these feathers are the memories and soul of Sakura and that without them she will die. It is now up to Syaoran to find the feathers and return them to Sakura in order to save her.

With haste, he sends a worried Syaoran and a lifeless Sakura to the dimensional witch, Yūko. In this world he meets Kurogane, an ill-mannered ninja, and Fay D. Flourite, an immensely powerful magician. In order for them to each travel the worlds to obtain what they wish, Yūko requires them to pay with their most precious item. Kurogane is forced to give his father's sword,Genryuusai, Fai is required to give the tattoo on his back which gives him power and Syaoran must give all of Sakura's memories of him, additionally paying Sakura's debt as those are also her most precious item. Now content with the gifts she's received, Yūko bestows Mokona, a white creature, unto the group, enabling them to travel worlds.

While originating with a light, carefree tone, the manga eventually takes a darker and more intricate plot later in the volumes. Also, because of the cross-over characters with xxxHOLIC, the two mangas occasionally intertwine. This tends to reveal a lot of sub-plot that you don't see in Tsubasa, like conversations between Mokona, Soel, and Yūko.


Primary Characters

  • Syaoran

The son of the archaeologist in Clow country responsible for beginning research on the Clow ruins; he befriended Sakura upon arriving in Clow country with his father when he was very young. In the beginning he was shy and often recoiled at Sakura's outreaches to him, though over the years began to open up and adapt in his environment. Syaoran had a habit of being very formal with Sakura, as she was his country's princess, regardless of Sakura's efforts to persuade him otherwise. He takes pride in being knowledgeable and is constantly seeking new things to learn as well as improving upon what he already knows. He is resilient and always provides protection for Sakura when she is in need of aide. When Sakura lost her memories, a desperate Syaoran was sent to another world to begin his journey to help Sakura to regain them. He was also a character in Cardcaptor Sakura.

  • Princess Sakura

The princess of Clow country and the younger sister of the now King Touya; Sakura is a caring girl and has a genuinely good nature, because of this she is very adored by her people. She befriended Syaoran at a young age, her bright personality forcing him from his shell. Her bright outlook, clumsiness and often naive way of thinking eventually caused Syaoran to warm up to her and created an unbreakable friendship. Before Sakura had the chance to tell Syaoran of her feelings for him, she was called back to the castle. Shortly after, an event happened that caused Sakura to lose all her memories in the form of feathers. Now, all that remains of Sakura is an empty shell of what once was and the thousands of her scattered memories. A younger, modern-Japan version of her was the main character of Cardcaptor Sakura.

  • Kurogane

A ninja from a variation of Japan, known as Kingdom of Japan; Kurogane has been on an endless quest for a constant gain of power since he was very young. Taken in by Princess Tomoyo and raised in the royal household, Kurogane became a personal ninja for the Princess and despite his constant bitter attitude towards her, cares a great amount for her and her well-being. Tomoyo, worried that Kurogane’s bloodlust would lead him to become an unsalvageable person, bared him with a curse in which every time he was to kill unnecessarily, his strength would be weakened. After this curse had been placed, she sent him to another world to meet Yuuko, where he would begin his travels with Fay, Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona. Fay enjoys giving him cutesy nicknames like Kuro-rin.

  • Fay D. Flourite

A magician from Celes country. Reversing with Kurogane (who wants to back to where are he from), Fay's wish is not to back to where he is from; this wish is related to King Ashura from Celes. Officially, CLAMP has announced that the correct way to spell his name is Fay D. Flourite, but Del Rey Manga spells it Fai D. Flowright. Other people spell his first name Fye.

  • Mokona Soel Modoki

Created by Yuko Ichihara and Clow Reed, Mokona has the power to take the group between worlds. It can also communicate with the black Mokona, which stays with Yuko.

Crossover Characters

  • Yūko Ichihara (the dimensional witch)

Yuuko is Watanuki's employer in XxxHOLIC.She knew Clow Reed personally and often helps the Tsubasa gang out.

  • Watanuki Kimihiro

Watabuku is the main character of XxxHOLIC. He has the power to see spirits and therefore attracts spirits to him. He works for Yuuko so she'll remove this unfortunate trait.

  • Princess Tomoyo

Tomoyo-chan is Sakura's best friend in Cardcaptor Sakura. In Tsubasa, she's the princess of Nihon, Kurogane's country.

  • King Touya

Touya is Sakura's older brother. In Tsubasa, he's the king of the country of Clow. There is also a hint of a relationship between him and Yukito.

  • High Priest Yukito

Yukito is Touya's best friend in Cardcaptor Sakura. In Tsubasa, he is the high priest of Clow who sent Sakura and Syaoran to Yuuko.

  • Clow Reed

In Cardcaptor Sakura, he is the creator of the magic cards that Sakura uses. In Tsubasa, he is the father of the clone Sakura and the old king of Clow, before he died.

  • Chi
  • Ashura-o

The main character of RG Veda, and the last survivor of the Ashura clan.

  • Yasha-o

In RG Veda, the leader of the Yasha clan. He found and raised the abandoned Ashura-o.

  • Hatoko Kobayashi

The 5-year-old deus of Suzuka in Angelic Layer.

  • Miyuki
  • Shuuko Suzuhara

The deus of Athena(Angelic Layer)

  • Shouko Asami

Shuuko's sister, and a newscaster. (Angelic Layer)

  • Madoka Fujisaki

The deus of Mao (Angelic Layer)

  • Kaede Saitou

The deus of Blanche (Angelic Layer)

  • Arisu Fujisaki

Madoka's younger sister, and the creator of Mao (Angelic Layer)

  • Karen Kasumi
  • Gigei
  • Kumara-ten
  • Ryu-o

In RG Veda, the young leader of the Ryuu clan.

  • Yuzuriha Nekoi
  • Nokoru Imonoyama
  • MaruDashi

One of Yuko's assistants inXxxHOLIC.

  • Akira Ijyuin
  • Suoh Takamura
  • Nokoru Imonoyama
  • MoroDashi

Yuko's other assistant in XxxHOLIC.

  • Sorata Arisugawa
  • Arashi Arisugawa (Arashi Kishuu)
  • Primera

The most popular singer in the Hanshin Republic (Tsubasa)

  • Masayoshi Saito
  • Shogo Asagi
  • Chun'yan
  • Taken Shukaido
  • Erii Chusounji
  • Kentarou Higashikunimaru
  • Oruha
  • Karura-o
  • Ohjiro Mihara

In Angelic Layer, the deus of Wizard. Called the Prince of the Layer, and the stepbrother of the creator of Angelic Layer

  • Ringo Seto

The deus of Lanka (Angelic Layer). Also a pop star.

  • Chitose Hibiya
  • Takashi Yamazaki
  • Ichiro Mihara

AKA Icchan. the creator of the game Angelic Layer.


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